Ubiquity Studios Tests Sony’s F35

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Sun, 10/30/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Ubiquity Studios of Irvine California recently filmed a new Bentley Continental SuperSports coupe from the local Bentley dealer to put Sony F35 camera through its paces. Ubiquity CEO Chris Carmichael says The Sony F35 is an amazing camera and the quality is unmatched by any other. What I am most excited about is the new Sony F65 digital motion picture camera that is due in January 2012. The Sony F65 will be the Bentley of the camera industry and Ubiquity Studios will be proud to offer it to our clients and use it on our own projects. Sony cameras are the bread and butter of the film and television industry. You could not ask for a better camera says Ubiquity's director of cinematography Mike Prickett. The Sony F35 digital cinematography camera offers a Super 35mm-sized CCD sensor and PL lens mount for cinematographers who have a passion for 35mm film lenses. The F35 provides breathtaking picture quality an extensive range of depth-of-field controls dynamic range and a wide color gamut. The PL lens mount of the F35 allows flexible use of the vast majority of 35mm cinema lenses which greatly expands creative possibilities. Ubiquity Studios is dedicated to having the best camera equipment available in the industry. If you want extraordinary results from your production you must use the best the industry has to offer says Prickett. We brought the F35 to Ubiquity Studios so we can continue to offer the most highly sought after cameras camera and lighting equipment to shoot action sports movies commercials and television programs says Carmichael. Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation www.ubiquitybc.com