Transmedia Hollywood 3 Convenes April 6

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Wed, 03/28/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Transmedia Hollywood 3: Rethinking Creative Relations conference presented annually by UCLA and USC takes place April 6 at Eileen Norris Cinema Theatre on USC’s campus in downtown Los Angeles.  The all-day event is presented by UCLA and USC jointly. Open to the public Transmedia Hollywood 3: Rethinking Creative Relations represents a unique collaboration between two of the nation’s most distinguished film schools and research universities.  The conference co-directors are professors Denise Mann (UCLA) and Henry Jenkins (USC). This year’s topic Transmedia Hollywood 3: Rethinking Creative Relations focuses on the ways that transmedia approaches are forcing the media industry to reconsider old production logics and practices paving the way for new kinds of creative output.  This year’s event hopes to capture these transitions by bringing together established players from mainstream media industries and independent producers who look closely at the ways transmedia operates and further explore how it can contribute to the storytelling process.  The panelists selected this year are experts in their field from around the globe and represent a wide array of disciplines both professional and academic. Notable panelists this year include Morgan Bouchet Orange Transmedia Lab; Angela Cheng Caplan Cheng Caplan Company Inc.; Nick Childs award-winning Director of Content Development Fleishman Hillard; Sara Diamond President Ontario College of Art and Design; Christy Dena PhD Universe Creation 101 Director; Nick De Martino Media/Technology Consultant; Jennifer Holt Film and Media Studies UCSB; Ted Hope Producer and Oscar nominee; Katherine Keller Sequential Tarts; Joe LaFavi Quixotic Transmedia; Jordan Levin Generate; Sheila C. Murphy University of Michigan; Jose Padhila award-winning filmmaker and producer; Mike Richardson Dark Horse Comics; Ben Tricklebank award-winning Creative Director/Designer Punk & Butler; Mary Vogt Emmy-nominated costume designer. Transmedia Hollywood 3: Rethinking Creative Relations