Theatre Service Network Installs Cinedigm EMS

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Wed, 11/14/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Theatre Service Network has installed Cinedigm’s Exhibitor Management System to further integrate and streamline its feature film booking and buying services.  EMS will manage the planning and booking of all feature films and alternative content for Theatre Service Network clients.  EMS will integrate with all theatre point of sale systems consolidate and reconcile box office data compute film rental expense across multiple client companies and more. “After looking at different booking systems for months we determined that EMS was the best suited to meet the needs of our diverse customers ” says Steve Felperin owner of Theatre Service Network.  “It really modernizes booking and buying.  We’re excited that Cinedigm makes technology for the independent theatre owner.” “EMS is designed to benefit all of exhibition from the large national circuit to agile booking and buying agencies like TSN ” said Adam Mizel chief operating officer and CFO of Cinedigm.  We are thrilled that an experienced veteran like Steve Felperin is staying ahead with the latest in industry technology so he can continue to offer his exhibitor clients excellent service.”