Testronic Deluxe Partner on Testing Tool

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Wed, 05/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Testronic Labs has announced that its File-Based QC Lab has implemented a Veristream testing tool designed by Deluxe Digital Studios. “Studios are actively exploring solutions that incorporate highly developed automated tools to improve production efficiency ” says Seth Hallen CEO of Testronic. “To that end we have been working with Deluxe Digital Studios to support this development and to implement their toolsets into our workflows. We are very excited by what Deluxe’s powerful new tools can do in the hands of the Testronic team.” Rob Seidel executive vice president of Deluxe Digital Studios says “Using sophisticated algorithms Veristream analyzes source video masters and encoded streams identifying potential corruption or processing issues that could have been introduced throughout the video production process. In doing so Veristream predicts potential video anomalies in a highly accurate fast and reliable way providing efficient ways for operators to review and verify potential issues. The efficiency enabled by this automation is a major step forward in quality assurance testing and we are unveiling this service with Testronic Labs because they bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and testing experience.” While the human element can never be discounted in the testing field automation tools are the next important development area for quality assurance. The ability to move large files through a pipeline with automated prequalification is increasingly crucial to a viable workflow. Part of the appeal for Hallen is the ability of Veristream to analyze almost any picture element. “When we work on a title that may have as many as 26 versions and numerous encodes there are literally thousands of files to test on a single project ” he says. “Testronic is dedicated to the innovation and investment that is necessary to lead the testing industry forward into these new digital areas. We have engaged in a number of beta trials with Deluxe on these tools and will continue to provide them with usability data to enhance refinement of the software.”  Hallen says “While various types of automation tools have been available for a number of years Veristream incorporates a fresh approach to creating powerful efficiencies for the rapidly evolving needs of our supply chain. It’s exciting and an honor to be involved with Deluxe Digital Studios on this initiative.”