Telline Purchases a Marquise Technologies Mist

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Tue, 04/02/2013 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The French camera rental company Telline has purchased a Marquise Technologies Mist system to offer on-set services. Following their recent purchase of an Aaton Delta Penelope camera Telline was in need of a reliable and professional solution able to work in real-time and natively with the CinemaDNG files recorded by the camera. The choice for that was the Mist. What is also beneficial for Telline as they are renting multiple camera brands is the versatility of The Mist system is versatile because with its native RAW support it works with Sony F65 Arri Alexa Red Sony Panasonic BlackMagic or Canon C500 cameras all without previous transcoding which is a real gain of time on a set. On the dailies process Telline was also particularly keen on the multiple rendering capabilities of Mist: they are now able to prepare project templates for their customers including simultaneous threads of multiple renderings: DNxHD or ProRes for editing purposes or H264 or for tablet review or web streaming among many others. What I found the most remarkable the first time I had a look at Mist was the incomparably clear and logical user interface of Mist. Each process or feature was instantly understandable and that is key for on-set purposes says Rémy Goumain operations director at Telline. Managing dailies is not only performing transcoding of hundreds of files on the set it's a lot more says Laurence Stoll CEO of Marquise Technologies We are pleased that Telline at the forefront of their customer's needs selected MIST to offer new services on set.