Super 78 Expands to Meet Demands of Theme Park 2.0

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Fri, 06/29/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Super 78 Studios has added to the roster of services it provides theme parks and special venues. The firm’s expanded capabilities and a new facility will better support the evolution in the theme park industry. “In this environment what we call Theme Park 2.0 owners operators and IP holders are partnering with firms that offer comprehensive solutions to develop innovative and immersive experiences ” said Brent Young Super 78 principal and creative director. “We have a great track record for creating compelling stories so this expansion into designing and developing attractions is an organic progression for Super 78.” The firm recently relocated to headquarters in Hollywood to be closer to film and animation production studios a source for many of the intellectual properties Super 78 transforms into theme park experiences.
“There’s a very real and growing interdependence between Hollywood and the theme park industry which offers a highly profitable revenue stream for studios to extend their IP ” said Dina Benadon Super 78 principal and CEO. “The new location puts us on the doorstep of several studios we’re already developing new experiences for.”
 Recently Super 78 completed design and concept work for San Diego Zoo Moody Gardens and Fender Instruments. “Our clients recognize our brand expertise and fresh innovative creative ” said Kate Crandall a Super 78 producer.
 Super 78 supervises multiple production companies around the world to create attraction media. As a digital hub for IP holders and studios the company has transformed its infrastructure to support its state-of-the-art approach to branded entertainment production.
“We’ve created a completely wireless 3D infrastructure so there’s a seamless integration between production and installations ” added Young. 
  “Our new space supports a more streamlined production process by giving our designers complete freedom to interface with our creative teams clients and partners ” Benadon added. “Providing this kind of flexibility to everyone in the production process means we can continue enhancing imagery until the very last possible moment before a grand opening.”