The Studio-B&H Now Codex Reseller

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Wed, 03/13/2013 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Codex has added New York City-based The Studio-B&H to its worldwide reseller network. The professional solutions division of electronics retailer B&H The Studio-B&H will represent the full line of Codex products including its Onboard Recorders and Vault its revolutionary on-set media management system. “We are very pleased to form a relationship with The Studio-B&H which has established itself as a premiere source for professional camera systems and provides a high level of expertise in digital cinema workflows ” said Codex vice president of market development Sarah Priestnall. The Studio-B&H has steadily been expanding its inventory of digital cinema camera solutions to include products in greatest demand by professional cinematographers directors DITs and others. “Codex is the gold standard among camera recording technologies and offering its products helps to solidify our position as leaders in the professional market ” said Michel Suissa The Studio-B&H’s managing director and workflow solutions specialist. Suissa added that Codex’ Vault will allow the company to grow its services to the on-set production community. “Vault is very important to our ability to offer comprehensive on-set solutions ” he said. “It will allow us to provide workflow solutions with a solid future path.” The Studio-B&H is currently planning technology demonstrations showing how Codex recorders can be used to support various camera systems and the Vault’s use in on-set workflows. Details on those demonstrations which will be held at Studio B&H’s Manhattan headquarters will be available soon.