SR Entertainment Group Installs 65 more Barco DLP Cinema Projectors

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Fri, 10/14/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

SR Entertainment Group has installed Barco DLP digital cinema projectors on 65 screens in rapid succession completing all installations in just five days in sites across California. The latest series of installations is part of a long-term VPF agreement with Cinedigm comprising 81 total screens located throughout California. SR Entertainment selected Barco as its digital cinema projector provider in July 2010 beginning with a novel theatre concept at its Blue Oaks Cinema in Rocklin. This site holds the distinction of being one of the first theatres in the world to feature non-mezzanine auditoriums utilizing projector lift systems and remote controls to reduce construction costs and simplify operation.  

“Barco has done a wonderful job for us. We have been so pleased with their attentiveness to our needs at every level. The equipment works very efficiently and with their operator training we haven't had to worry about any down time ” says Dan Tocchini president and CEO of SR Entertainment. “They even introduced us to Larry Jacobson who built our Blue Oaks 16 without a mezzanine and other innovations with Barco projectors specifically in mind which has drawn curious exhibitors from around the world. In only a few months it's become an icon in the industry.” 

 The Barco installations include the full complement of digital cinema solutions including LMS servers automation and 3D. The deployment includes a wide range of Barco's fully DCI-compliant 2K and 4K projectors with Barco also providing turnkey installation services ongoing maintenance and proactive NOC monitoring. 

 “SR Entertainment is one of our most forward-thinking and creative customers. SR's selection of Barco clearly reflects a larger desire to future-proof their investment ” says Terri Westhafer director of business development for Barco's digital cinema division. “They have been receptive to new ideas designed to optimize their digital deployment partnering with us to develop our onsite manager training which is conducted right at their theater locations. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with them as their progress continues.”