Sony Expands 4K Digital Cinema to Mid-Size and Small Exhibitors

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Sat, 10/30/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Sony Electronics says it is expanding the footprint of its 4K-projection technology. The company’s Digital Cinema Solutions group currently has about 5 000 Sony 4K screens worldwide; with one-third of those equipped for 3D – and aggressive plans are in place to install approximately 2 000 more systems mostly covering a range of small- to mid-sized circuits.      Furthering its ability to facilitate an exhibitor’s conversion Sony is also continuing its work to pursue exhibitor financing and deployment deals in the more than 20 other countries in which Sony digital cinema is planning to operate. Most recently Sony Electronics secured $140 million in financing that will pave the way for Sony to help exhibitors of all sizes to convert their operations to digital technology.      “The digital cinema transition is not exclusive to the large national exhibitors with thousands of screens ” says Gary Johns senior vice president Digital Cinema Solutions Sony Electronics. “Sony is equally committed to the smaller and independent exhibitors as we are to the largest circuits. Some of the greatest success stories and innovation are at the independent and regional level and this latest round of financing will go a long way toward enabling Sony to offer conversion opportunities across the industry.”      In addition to Sony 4K projection systems as well as integrated software and servers customers can turn to Sony for digital signage including displays controllers software; installation monitoring maintenance content creation and distribution services.      “We look forward to collaborating with many more small and mid-size exhibitors ” says Pat Leon senior manager business development Sony Digital Cinema Solutions. “Digital movies – in 2D and 3D -- have already proven to be a big hit at the box offices and the movie-going consumers have enthusiastically responded to our Sony 4K projectors for a truly state-of-the-art experience.”      Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions Group has digital deployments underway with a range of exhibitors including AMC Theaters and Regal Entertainment Group – the two largest theater chains in North America – and most recently National Amusements. The group is also working with several other national and regional theater chains including Muvico Theaters Frank Theatres Hollywood Theaters and Lincoln Square Cinemas.