Sony Envysion Form Theatre Surveillance Venture

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Fri, 10/14/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Sony's Security Systems Division and Envysion are teaming to provide video-based business intelligence services to movie theatres. This joint venture combines Sony's surveillance cameras and video analytics with Envysion's MVaaS technology to deliver instant and actionable business insights to a theatre's loss prevention operations marketing and human resources groups without straining the IT department or network. Envysion integrates video from Sony's cameras with an organization's business systems such as point of sale. This gives theatre operators the unfiltered visual context behind every transaction and customer interaction. Armed with this information users in every department of a cinema can identify new ways to improve theatre-level operating procedures marketing promotions employee training loss prevention investigations and other operating processes which can in turn lead to profit maximization. This transforms video surveillance from a niche security application into a strategic management tool that can contribute to improvement of a theatre's bottom line. The movie theatre industry is a perfect fit for this technology application says Mark Collett general manager Sony Security Systems Division. Our expertise as a pioneer in 4K digital cinema projection technology combined with our more than 20 years in the video surveillance industry makes this joint solution with Envysion a natural extension of Sony's digital cinema offerings and can also be tailored to other applications. This solution can help movie theatres leverage powerful video-based intelligence across the entire organization to gain a complete understanding of theatre-level issues impacting the bottom line says Gary Johns senior vice president of Sony's Digital Cinema Solutions Group. As a result what were once expenditures for security video become a valuable investment in a strategic business initiative. We are excited to announce our first joint solution with Sony says Matt Steinfort president and CEO of Envysion. This initiative will accelerate our ability to help the theatre industry achieve demonstrable profit impact similar to that realized by other Envysion customers such as Cinemark USA and Chipotle Mexican Grill. Our easy-to-use scalable MVaaS solution makes video a cross functional tool that empowers every user to drive improvements in his or her area of responsibility. Theatre managers can increase gross sales by ensuring an accurate mix of full price and discount tickets loss prevention teams can cut down on the cost of concessions sold by reducing shrink and HR can increase productivity by identifying employees with common traits including excessive ticket voids or above average transaction times which indicate the need for additional training. Envysion Sony Digital Cinema Solutions