Sony 4K Projection System Achieves DCI Compliance

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Wed, 01/30/2013 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Sony Corporation has announced that its new fourth-generation digital cinema 4K-projection system successfully completed the full range of compliance tests for specifications required by Digital Cinema Initiatives. Sony’s SRX-R515P projection system including projector and integrated media block has passed all DCI compliance tests. In March 2011 Sony became the industry’s first manufacturer to successfully complete the full range of compliance tests for specifications required by DCI when both the SRX-R220/LMT-200 and SRX-320/LMT-300 integrated systems including projector and media block were certified. 
 The DCI compliance tests for Sony systems were conducted by Research Institute for Digital Media and Content Keio University Japan which is qualified by DCI for compliance testing. The compliance test consists of two parts a procedural test to confirm if the devices work exactly as prescribed by the DCI Specification and a design evaluation to examine if their security design meets the requirements of the DCI Specification.  
   The DCI is a joint venture of six Hollywood studios including Walt Disney Company Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. 20th Century Fox Paramount Pictures Corporation Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Universal Studios Inc.