Sonoblok Opens New imm Sound Studio in Barcelona

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Mon, 04/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Sonoblok has built an imm sound studio in Room 1 of the Sonoblok dubbing studios in Barcelona. Equipped with a 5.1 monitor system with JBL this room was easily adapted to imm’s monitor configuration of 23.1. It took just a few days to update the studio to the new system with minimal interruption to the professional activities of the studio

At the heart of the imm sound system is the IAW (Immersive Audio Workstation) a piece of hardware that allows the engineer to create 3D panning and generate imm files as well as current standard versions within the market. This unit is an indispensable tool for creating imm soundtracks and has other functions for amongst other things room equalization and reproducing the imm soundtrack for final checks at the completion end of the project.

A 32 channel DFC-Neve Gemini has been incorporated as the mixing console. This console is acting as a bridge between Pro Tools and IAW reproduction systems through its plentiful MADI connections. imm sound is compatible with all available consoles and offers potential for development with the implementation of an imm sound monitor system.

 Dean Humphreys The Pianist re-recording mixer who recently visited the sound studio and says 
“My feeling when hearing imm sound for the first time was similar to when I first heard 5.1. Before 5.1 came along we were all working in a matrixed two-track but when 5.1 arrived it was a significant improvement and you couldn't wait to mix a film in this new format. I feel exactly the same now with imm sound. ,3268
Sorenson Squeeze 8 Pro Now Available,2012-05-01,Sorenson Media has announced the immediate availability of Sorenson Squeeze 8 Pro which gives video professionals unprecedented workflow functionality and control using the company’s video encoding and transcoding application. For the first time video professionals can work seamlessly within and between leading professional formats and non-linear editing systems – including the capability to easily output video to mezzanine formats including Avid DNxHD on Windows and Apple OS X systems and Apple ProRes for OS X systems. Notably Sorenson Squeeze 8 Pro supports up to 12-bit pixel bit depth providing users the ability to maintain true rich colors within their videos. In addition the new Pro version of Sorenson Squeeze 8 now includes the ability to encode for Dolby Pro audio along with the standard full support for the most popular video formats including H.264 Flash WebM Windows Media adaptive bitrate and DVD Blu-Ray. “Sorenson Squeeze Pro underscores Sorenson Media’s absolute commitment to our customers listening to their needs and innovating to optimize their workflows ” says Peter Csathy CEO of Sorenson Media. “We created this new Pro version to address the specific needs of many of our customers and by combining Avid DNxHD Apple ProRes and Dolby Pro audio with all the other formats Squeeze supports we've created the highest-quality most cost-effective all-in-one solution on the market today. We believe Squeeze 8 Pro is the ultimate workflow optimization and collaboration tool that builds upon Sorenson Media’s longstanding legacy of quality and control.  But we want video professionals to decide for themselves; that’s why we offer free trials.” Sorenson Squeeze 8 Pro and all Add-Ons are available immediately. Sorenson Squeeze 8 Pro can be purchased as an integrated video encoding/transcoding application for $999. Alternately users of Sorenson Squeeze 8 can purchase any combination of three Sorenson Pro Add-Ons for Squeeze 8 – Avid DNxHD Encoding Apple ProRes Encoding (OS X only) or Dolby Pro Audio Encoding separately for $99 each. ,3269
Perkal Signs to Shoot Vampire Diaries,2012-05-01,When cinematographer Dave Perkal signed on for the new season of the highly unusual series The Vampire Diaries he made sure his camera package included 2575 heads from OConnor. “I’ve used OConnor on every production I have been involved in from the time I was a loader assistant and operator. Now that I’m a DP they are on my camera order every time. Leaving OConnor off would be like forgetting to order tripods ” he says. “Our show is a bit different from your normal television episodic ” Perkal says. “We opt for the more cinematic approach in our visual dialectic. We strive for big screen wide cinematic masters the kind that evoke a gothic renaissance painterly style and juxtapose those with crushing 290mm close ups. There is no middle ground. The perspective is also very voyeuristic moving through the foreground and creating off-axis shots to keep you wanting to see more. We move characters in and out of darkness to create mystery and suspense. What you see is as important as what you don’t see.” To do this Perkal shoots with a camera package that includes three Alexas two Angeniuex 12:1s and a set of Master Primes. “And two OConnor 2575s ” he adds. “Our Alexa camera with the Angenieux 12:1 and accessories weighs close to 80 pounds. The OConnor balances the load and delivers the precision and subtle smooth feel I’ve come to expect. We often use the OConnor heads to vamp move our actors with blistering whip pan speed. We look straight down into the sets and then whip pan high up into the corners. There are also times when we need to be at 290mm and have the precision and control of a gear head but maintain the versatility and freedom of a fluid head. OConnor gives that to me every time.” The 2575D is currently delivering. Now in its third season The Vampire Diaries airs on The CW Network. ,3271
32Ten Studios Hosts Variety of Productions,2012-05-15, The 32Ten Studios has recently hosted on-site production projects for a diverse range of clients including Robin Williams & PBS Kia Cadillac Polycom US Cellular and an indie film according to president and CEO Tim Partridge President/CEO and Greg Maloney COO.

  Academy Award winner Robin Williams a local resident used 32Ten Studios for two high profile television productions one for national PBS and the other for McIntosh Films.  PBS's series Pioneers of Television producer Steve Boettcher said Robin recommended 32Ten to us because of the location facility and the staff.  We were blown away by the quality of the production facility and especially the staff.  Our experience at 32Ten was outstanding. Robin Williams can be seen on Pioneers of Television in the fall on national PBS.
 Two production companies Bandito Brothers and Furlined Productions have shot car commercials very recently at 32Ten Studios. Bandito Brothers shot footage for a new commercial featuring the Kia Sorento while Furlined Productions shot a TV spot for the new Cadillac XTS. Jof Hanwright a location manager who works with Furlined Productions said It was a pleasure to work at 32Ten – great staff very accommodating. Made shooting there a pleasure.
 Additionally industrial producer John McNeil Studio also rented out the 32Ten Studios stage for a week to shoot a project for video conference giant Polycom.

 A retro-futuristic short indie film Neon also shot a scene at 32Ten Studios. Neon is a nostalgia-infused story about a guy a girl and a gun taking place over a single night. The film stars Johnny Turco and Liana Hee alongside iconic cars from the 70s and 80s.  Neon is co-directed by Charles Choo and Sean Wells written by Nic Anastassiou.  

 Said Sean Wells In scouting for non-descript warehouse exteriors in the bay area we found 32Ten 's Main Stage building to fit the bill perfectly.  Shooting in a controlled lot with proper accommodations made the shoot a possibility.  Greg Anthony Stephanie and the crew at 32Ten were a complete pleasure to work with and incredibly helpful along the way. We're hoping to move indoors and put their world-class stage to use on future projects. Finally the Model Shop at 32Ten has just completed its first job providing an on-set model for a TV commercial for US Cellular which was produced by local company Locksmith Content through ad agency Riney.   Producer Robert Caruso said “I’ve worked at this facility and with these artists many times in the past when the site was owned and operated by previous entities and was delighted to see that 32Ten Studios is continuing the long-held tradition of providing unparalleled special effects there. They produced a beautiful model for us and I certainly look forward to working there again sometime soon.” 

 Said Partridge “We are beyond thrilled that our production facility and practical FX unit have been embraced so rapidly by the Bay Area production and advertising communities. We have quickly established a new name brand and look forward to continuing—and expanding—our outreach in the coming months ahead to also include film episodic TV and other multi-media projects shooting here.” ,3275
ACT Today Presents Film Program for Military Children,2012-05-15, ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment Today) a national non-profit organization whose mission is to provide access to care and treatment to children with autism is joining forces with Cox Communications to present the Autism Film Program for Military Children. The two-week program taught by Inclusion Films will run from June 18-29 at the Cox Communications main campus in San Diego.

The program is free for military children with autism and their siblings between 9-21 years of age. “We are so happy to be able to offer this program to the San Diego community ” says ACT Today’s executive director Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson. “We believe the Autism Film Program for Military Children will give children a unique opportunity to work with a professional team of film makers and also the chance to exercise creativity build self-esteem and meet new friends. We hope this program will be the spring board for other such programs across the country in the coming years.” 
 “The skills kids learn in our Inclusion Films summer programs go beyond the technical aspects of film making ” says Inclusion Films creator Joey Travolta.  “The core of the process is collaboration which in turn enhances social skills.  These skills will serve the participants in life as well as with any future aspirations they have to become part of the entertainment industry.   We are proud to partner with ACT Today and Cox Communications to give even more access to children with developmental disabilities and their families.”
 Inclusion Films educates individuals with developmental disabilities such as autism Down syndrome and cerebral palsy by taking them through the process of making a short film from pre- to post-production. During the two-week workshop students will work with professional production crews; writing scripts and using film and editing equipment with the goal of showcasing their film at the San Diego Film Festival on September 29th. 
  “Children education and the military are areas that Cox Communications focuses on when we’re looking at ways to support our community ” says Cami Mattson director of community relations for Cox Communications. “By partnering with ACT Today and Inclusion Films we’re able to make an impact in all of those areas by helping young people with developmental disabilities discover their talents and strengthen their skills for the future.”
 For more information and to register for the Autism Film Program for Military Children visit ,3276
Vue Cinemas Joins Arqiva’s Digital Cinema Platform,2012-05-15, Vue Cinemas has joined Arqiva's digital cinema delivery platform on the IS905 satellite. All 69 Vue cinemas will be equipped to receive automated electronic delivery of digital cinema packages which include feature films trailers and advertising. The cinemas will also be able to access extensive live alternative content from sports to the arts transmitted from all around the world.

 Marco Tinnirello head of digital cinema at Arqiva said “Arqiva’s Digital Cinema Satellite Distribution Network regularly delivers Digital Cinema Packages to cinemas all across Europe. Vue’s decision to deploy our system across their complete cinema chain is a further vote of confidence in satellite-based film distribution and in Arqiva as the preferred service provider. Vue joins other major exhibitors in a distribution network that now includes nearly 700 contracted cinemas across twelve countries in Europe.”

 Mark de Quervain sales and marketing director Vue Entertainment said “We are delighted to sign a contract with Arqiva to provide us with our satellite delivery system for both DCP film delivery and alternative content live event streaming. Vue have been at the forefront of offering live content to its customers for many years and we believe Arqiva offers the best solution that suits our needs now and into the future. We look forward to working with the Arqiva team in driving through new opportunities for our business.” ,3278
Check Entertainment Acquires Audrey,2012-05-15, Check Entertainment Distribution has announced the acquisition of Sybil Temtchine and Dean Pollack's Audrey a female-driven comedy starring Temtchine in the title role directed by award-winning filmmaker and editor Pollack. Check will release the feature in September. Taking place in real time the story follows a critical hour and a half in a young woman’s day as she waits in a restaurant for her date to arrive.  As the clock ticks away and her date is nowhere to be found the bistro transforms into a heightened reality.  Audrey is swept up into a rich and comical journey as her insecurities and inner demons manifest themselves and wreak havoc upon her.  Forced to face her deepest fears – both real and riotously imagined – Audrey finally finds an inner confidence and strength she never knew she had. Audrey is co-written and produced by Temtchine and Pollack. Richard Bever (Against the Current) and Stephen Israel (Swimming with Sharks) also produce. Veteran filmmakers Ruth Vitale and Effie T. Brown serve as executive producers along with Brian Altounian. “I am so thrilled that Check has picked up Audrey. Richard Gabai president of Check is so passionate about the film and we have a truly amazing team in place. We look forward to an exciting and successful release ” says Temtchine. “This is an extremely difficult market so we have been very careful about selecting films for our release slate that we not only believe in aesthetically but that we truly feel have wide audience appeal ” Gabai says. “We will only get involved in projects we are extremely passionate about and we found Audrey to be absolutely irresistible.” ,3282
Classic Cinemas Continues Digital Rollout ,2012-05-15,Classic Cinemas in Downers Grove Illinois has selected GDC SX-2000A Digital Cinema Servers with Integrated Media Block for it’s complete digital conversion of 100 movie screens. Classic won industry awards for its restoration of older movie theaters starting as far back as 1978 with the Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove. “We are extremely satisfied with the earlier deployment of GDC Tech servers and after-care services. We have decided to move forward using GDC Tech products exclusively in the rest of our theaters ” said Chris Johnson vice president operations Classic Cinemas. “GDC Tech shares the same belief as we do providing the best service to customers and demonstrating it’s dedication to the industry. We look forward to GDC Tech’s equipment delivering a more exciting cinema experience to our customers.”   “GDC Tech is pleased to have gained the trust of Classic which has a long history in cinema exhibition ” said Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Tech. “The industry is now moving quickly into the digital age. In providing cutting edge and technologically advanced products complemented by after sales support services to Classic GDC Tech joins hands with Classic to provide a futuristic cinematic experience for moviegoers.” ,3283
Colorworks Offers Support for After Earth Sony F65 Workflow,2012-05-15,Colorworks Sony Pictures Entertainments’ digital intermediate facility is currently working with several service providers to offer 4K-workflow support for Sony’s new F65 CineAlta digital motion picture camera. The F65 workflow is being used in the latest film from the production company Overbrook Entertainment and Blinding Edge Pictures’ director M. Night Shyamalan After Earth which shot in Costa Rica and is currently filming in Philadelphia. The workflow is dedicated to on-set recording of camera data and metadata near-set dailies processing and post production digital intermediate services. After Earth is the first theatrical motion picture to be captured with the F65. Color management and color grading developer FilmLight camera supplier Otto Nemenz production services company The Creative-Cartel and post production services provider Technicolor are involved in the effort whose aim is to support productions using the F65 “from the sensor to the screen.” The companies have developed a workflow based on the ACES format utilizing their complementary services and encompassing such processes as data recording and backup on-set and near-set dailies processing post production deliverables and digital intermediate color grading and finishing. “These companies are working together to support the F65 for the benefit of filmmakers ” said Charles A. Falcetti Jr. executive vice president production services Sony Pictures Studios. “We believe the production of After Earth will serve as a blueprint for other productions adopting this great new camera.” “FilmLight is very excited to take part in designing a workflow to support the F65 ” said Wolfgang Lempp founder and director FilmLight. “Implementing a workflow for a new camera in the jungles of Costa Rica was quite a challenge and we are very pleased by how well it performed.” “Technicolor has been working closely with Colorworks and the other companies developing and managing the digital pipeline for the new F65 camera ” said Technicolor president of Creative Services Claude Gagnon.  “The camera and workflow are producing stunning results and we’re very proud to be associated with this effort.” The Creative-Cartel is thrilled to be providing the Near-Set Lab services on After Earth and to be working with a group of talented companies to establish a flawless efficient workflow for Sony's F65 camera and the filmmakers who use it ” said Jenny Fulle founder of The Creative-Cartel. Colorworks has been developing F65 workflows for more than a year. It provided dailies processing and color grading services for The Arrival a short film produced to showcase the F65 at NAB last April. Colorworks has also been involved in an F65 training program for directors cinematographers and producers ongoing on the Sony Pictures Studios lot.