Solid Camera Unveils Unity

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Thu, 06/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Solid Camera has unveiled Unity which the company says is a completely integrated system designed to provide operators with a more efficient power supply critical signal distribution and intuitive ergonomic capabilities. Unity features a compact flexible architecture that is customizable based upon the intended operating environment. Leveraging sophisticated new technologies Unity's battery replacement module radiates approximately one-third the heat of a standard battery adapter to more efficiently meet the demands of today's high-power digital cameras such as Phantom and the Sony F65. Over the last decade power management has become a critical issue in our industry due to the growing use of high-speed HD cameras which consume much more energy than conventional cameras said Eugene Baker creative technical director at Solid Camera. Unity provides camera operators with a more robust longer-lasting power supply while dissipating far less heat allowing filmmakers to eliminate the use of power supply fans on-set. Unity optionally utilizes a low-cost off-the-shelf audio cable that can dramatically extend an operator's working distance up to 500 feet from the battery pack. From a single cable users can effectively manage signal distribution including 3G HD/SDI video time code and audio. In addition the solution provides significant operational ease-of-use through ergonomic capabilities such as viewfinder support easily removable handles and adaptable accessory mounting. For longer distances SMPTE hybrid cable adapters are available. Unity resolves the challenges camera operators incur in the field by addressing those functionalities from an integrated and more aesthetically-pleasing standpoint said Carlos Acosta founder Solid Camera. By enabling users to manage a camera's battery power and signal distribution remotely Unity allows operators to participate more freely in the creative process. Solid Camera