Sohonet Retrofits Lantana’s Santa Monica Facility

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Sun, 09/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Sohonet has retrofitted Lantana’s Santa Monica campus giving tenants easy access to networking solutions that are customizable to their creative needs. The campus-wide implementation has now been completed. The expansion creates an ideal environment for clients who work around the clock and have dynamic needs. Lantana and Sohonet have designed a scenario where a full range of highly secure connectivity solutions can be initiated within just an hour or even in minutes and services can be scaled up and down throughout the duration of a project. Harrison Marks Visual Effects Coordinator for The Bourne Legacy and a number of high-profile studio projects moved operations on the feature film from New York to Los Angeles in the thick of the project's demanding schedule. Marks says Sohonet kept us up and running in the midst of everything and there was a lot going on. The availability of production-ready creative workspace at Lantana powered by Sohonet is amazing for projects like The Bourne Legacy. I believe that during the entire transition we were down less than one hour. Their support helped us keep our editors and production humming continuously and deliver on schedule. Lantana is home to a number of media companies and their security and bandwidth demands are increasing exponentially. Rebecca Hamilton general manager of Lantana says Lantana's clients are working with some of the world's most valuable and sensitive content moving bigger and bigger files farther and faster. Our clients face complex working requirements that call for tightly integrating data services with creative workspace into a turnkey production services offering. We knew that we needed an easy and secure way for them to keep them functioning on many levels and a long-term solution for our campus. From Internet services through high-volume data transfer services across its private media network Sohonet supports the entire range of worldwide networking needs at Lantana. Working with Lantana we were able to put a turnkey solution in place that's flexible and matches production needs and timescales explains Sohonet's Joseph Ramsey vice president of sales and marketing for North America. Our services are built around the demands of media clients which gave Lantana the infrastructure they needed so creative teams can work without restrictions. The upgrade was significant in terms of planning and execution. Sohonet is simply the best at what they do adds Hamilton. They understand the way that our tenants work and they carefully managed every step of the implementation. I could not have asked for a smoother or more successful outcome. Dave Scammell Sohonet's CEO says We are delighted to have been part of this collaboration with Lantana. We both have a deep understanding of the demands of this industry and worked to optimize this location for their needs and their clients' needs effectively providing the best technology and expertise available to them. The Lantana media campus comprises four distinct buildings on 12 acres offering over 200 000 square feet of space. As part of the building modernization process Sohonet successfully transitioned over 40 tenants with unlimited capacity for adding long- and short-term clientele.