SmartJog Signs Delivery Deal with VS2 Portugal

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Tue, 01/15/2013 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

SmartJog has signed with VS2 Portugal’s main independent local mastering lab. This agreement enables VS2 to use SmartJog’s delivery platform service to distribute digital cinema preshow content trailers and feature films directly to theaters connected in Portugal. Together with SmartJog VS2 will ensure a reliable and secure Digital Cinema Package circuit between Portuguese distributors and Portuguese SmartJog connected theaters (as of today Lusomundo exhibition NLC UCI). Digital cinema content is sent through the SmartJog community using its state-of-the-art file transfer network via satellite and ADSL/Fiber which includes web-based file management interface monitoring and support and cloud-storage solutions. The service gives clients the opportunity to electronically receive their DCPs without having to manage physical ones. This partnership will represent new business opportunities for VS2 and a major technical improvement in the contents reception and expedition in a secure way between their origins and final destinations in theaters all over the globe. It also represents the beginning of a new kind of service offer towards our clients on what management library content concerns ” says Bruno Figueiredo CEO of VS2. “The highlight of this partnership is that SmartJog enables VS2 to operate a full digital delivery workflow from lab to cinema. VS2 can receive content electronically from any of the more than 250 labs and content providers connected to SmartJog worldwide and then securely deliver advertising trailers feature films promotional and alternative content to all cinemas connected in Portugal” says Nicolas Dussert director of European Theatrical Sales for SmartJog. ,3814
Soho Digital Cinema Selects Fraunhofer to Optimize Distribution Workflow,2013-01-16,The Department of Moving Picture Technologies of Fraunhofer IIS has announced that Soho Digital Cinema to simplify distribution workflow and ensure adherence to screening rights.  The integration of the easyDCP KDM Generator in SDC’s MEL a web application for KDM management and distribution enables SDC customers to create their own KDMs through the SDC website. DCPs and KDMs play an integral role in the digital cinema distribution workflow. A KDM is an encryption key for digital cinema packages sent to specific cinema servers in theaters that have been granted performance rights to display a film. The KDM Generator creates KDMs to unlock the DCPs for screening according to the time window or validity period set by the distributor. The KDM Generator software is part of Fraunhofer’s easyDCP Software Suite that simplifies and ensures quality control for post-production mastering and playback of DCPs for post production houses worldwide. With Fraunhofer’s easyDCP KDM Generator SDC’s MEL creates KDMs for encrypted DCPs and sends them via email to any cinema in the UK regardless of command line user interface or cinema server.  This makes the process for distributors as easy as looking up a theatre name selecting a film specifying the KDM dates and hitting send. The projectionist is emailed the KDM within seconds.  Important to SDC’s MEL is the application’s use of SDC’s database where all public certificates for digital films shown in UK movie theatres are stored and maintained.  ”After surveying every cinema in the UK to have a comprehensive public certificate database SDC needed an easy way to create KDM files for our customers ” said David Margolis managing director of Soho Digital Cinema. “We chose Fraunhofer IIS because they not only understand today’s challenges for the digital cinema distribution environment but are already developing the solutions that will simplify the workflow of the future.” SDC’s MEL has already been used extensively with several releases in 2012 such as films with Momentum Pictures Revolver Entertainment and Artificial Eye. The film lab plans to increase its database to the US and Europe. With Fraunhofer IIS’s easyDCP KDM Generator it is possible to generate hundreds of DCP’s within a single run. The system currently produces 6 000 KDMs a day and will be accelerated to do more in the future.“ ,3815
SPI Cinemas India Installs Barco Auro 3D Sound,2013-01-31,India’s Sathyam Cinemas' Six Degrees part of SPI Cinemas has installed a Barco Auro 3D sound system. SPI Cinemas is the first digital cinema group to embrace the system. 3D sound solution Barco aims to launch Auro throughout the Indian market. SPI Cinemas is the only cinema chain in India to have closed on 30 Barco 4K digital cinema projectors. The installation of the Auro 11.1 took three days without having to cancel any show. We are excited for audiences to experience the new sound technology that will take the movie viewing experience to the next level said Swaroop Reddy director SPI Cinemas. Abel Garamhegyi managing director at Barco Electronics Systems said “It is an honor for us to be able to work with such a reputable company like SPI Cinemas. We are convinced that this project is only the first step in what will be a bright future for Barco in India.” ,3820
Dcinex Installs Dolby Atmos in Cinemas Across Europe,2013-01-31, 

Dcinex has installed Dolby Atmos in five cinemas across Europe including in Austria Czech Republic Germany and The Netherlands. 

In the Netherlands for example dcinex has installed Dolby Atmos in two cinemas and is already working on the third one says Matthew Jones general manager of dcinex Benelux. The dcinex team has developed a tremendous know-how in the implementation of the system and we can guide the cinemas through the entire design and installation process with a final result which simply astounds the audience. 

Dolby Atmos is our most revolutionary sound innovation in years said Fritz Deininger regional senior director Central Europe Dolby Laboratories. By allowing sound designers and mixers a new level of creative control Dolby Atmos ensures that cinema audiences will experience the full impact of their mix regardless of theatre configuration. 

In addition to the five systems already installed dcinex is currently preparing the implementation of eleven other Dolby Atmos platforms in the coming months including one in Austria one in the Czech Republic four in Germany and four in Benelux.

 As part of our technical consulting services we offer a Sound Audit which aims to improve imperfections in sound perception within the cinema auditorium says Alexandre Bleus dcinex sound products integration engineer. There's huge interest out there. We're seeing a marked increase in advice on tailoring the perfect sound experience for cinemas across Europe.

 Feedback on the completed installations has been tremendous.  Our clients are really impressed by the unique immersive experience this brings to the audience says Till Cussmann vice president exhibitor services at dcinex. The expertise in installing Dolby Atmos gained by our sound products integration team and installation teams over the past months is being increasingly recognized by the market and we are confident that the number of exhibitors investing in such systems will only go up in the near future. ,3825
Digital Cinema Destinations Adds Theaters in Ohio New Jersey,2013-01-31, Digital Cinema Destinations with its joint venture partner Start Media has announced the addition of two new theater locations: a sixteen-screen multiplex in Solon Ohio (near Cleveland) and a three-screen cinema in Sparta New Jersey through negotiation of direct leases with the landlords who own the theaters. The Sparta lease began January 1 and the Solon property agreement begins February 1. Both theaters are newly converted to digital and will be operated by Digiplex under management agreements with subsidiaries of its recently formed joint venture Start Media/Digiplex. In the near future the Solon property will feature five 3D-compatible screens and Sparta will have one. Digiplex chairman and CEO Bud Mayo said We are picking up where we left off in 2012 following the late December completion of our UltraStar acquisition in which Digiplex added 74 screens in the Southern California and Arizona markets. The Solon sixteen-plex is our first theater in Ohio and the three-screen facility based in Sparta marks our third New Jersey location. With the addition of these two properties we will have 18 locations with an aggregate of 178 screens on the growing Digiplex digital platform. We are pleased with the company's progress and plan to continue our aggressive pace of expansion as we strive to achieve a goal of managing 100 theaters and 1000 screens in top DMAs across the country. Davis development group vice president Paul Yusko said  We are delighted that Digiplex a dynamic and forward-thinking leader in the theatrical exhibition space has agreed to operate our Solon Ohio multiplex property. As a key anchor tenant on Enterprise Parkway we are confident that their further improvements to the theater and their unique focus on showcasing alternative non-cinematic programming - from opera to live sports - and successful community outreach via social media will help drive additional theater attendance as well as incremental traffic to the area's surrounding retailers including several nearby restaurants and fast food establishments. ,3826
First UK Digital Cinema Conference Takes Place February 7,2013-01-31,Leading industry companies and organizations including Sony Digital Cinema 4K Technicolor Arqiva Arts Alliance Media dCinex More2Screen MyMovies Rentrak Sound Associates and Vista are taking part in the first UK Digital Cinema Conference which is being hosted by Digital Cinema Solutions on February 7th at the Vue Westfield in West London. The theme for the one-day conference will be digital innovation and alternative content geared to be of interest specifically to film distributors exhibitors and related services and suppliers. Derek Cownty Digital Cinema Solutions director says “We have had an outstanding response from sponsors and speakers signing up to this conference underlining both the relevance and potential of digital to both the cinema business and to audiences as consumers.  The discussion sessions within the conference will be looking in some detail at business facts and figures as well as programming case studies that exemplify shifts in consumer take-up.” Supported by the key industry organizations the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association the Film Distributors’ Association and the Digital Funding Partnership the conference will feature speakers and presenters who will be sharing their experience and insight on the developing market for film at the cinema. Oliver Pasch sales director for Sony Europe says “We are excited to support the very first Digital Cinema Solutions Conference. Events like these are always a great opportunity for industry to come together and share thoughts on current trends and predictions for the future.  The interactive sessions will be a chance to look at the innovative trends we’re seeing emerge at the moment – such as 4K – and to ensure the success of digital cinema over the coming months and years.” Steve Perrin CEO of the Digital Funding Partnership will lead a discussion on developments in technology including laser 3D high frame rates and sound with Richard Welsh head of operations for Technicolor Digital Cinema UK Rich Philips from Arts Alliance Media David Monk from the European Digital Cinema Forum and Jim Slater from Cinema Technology.  Perrin says “This conference could not come at a better time for the UK cinema sector.  The UK led the advance internationally on digital with the result that to all intents and purposes the UK commercial cinema is now fully digital - looking at where we are today and developments in the pipeline is relevant not only to distributors and exhibitors but to any business involved in bringing film entertainment to audiences.” Till Cussman from dCinex will be giving a presentation on the challenges and opportunities for commercial independent exhibitors; Jan Runge from UNIC will be giving an update on the forthcoming Cine Europe 2013 forum in Barcelona and Melissa Keeping from the Event Cinema Association will look at some of the most recent case studies of alternative content for cinemas with Marco Tinnirello Don Ward Alastair Roberts and Tim Plyming. Pete Buckingham from SampoMedia will be looking at the audience response to the sound and screen technology advances. David Hancock from IHS Screen Digest will launch the conference with an overview of how digital and 3D are positioning cinemas for audiences. Detailed information is available at: ,3827
Event Cinema Association to Host Networking Event March 7,2013-01-31,The recently launched Event Cinema Association has announced it will host a Networking Event in Brussels Belgium on March 7th. Aimed at distributors exhibitors technical providers and content providers in the global business of Event Cinema the event is open to everyone with an interest in alternative content. ECA chairman Melissa Keeping said “The ECA has recognized that there is a need for those involved in the Event Cinema industry to meet and exchange ideas. The ECA Networking Event will be an opportunity for this growing sector to congregate in a dedicated seminar dealing with issues that affect the Event Cinema industry on a daily basis.” The event costs £150 + VAT for ECA members and £200 + VAT for non-members (difference refundable for delegates joining the ECA on the day). Discount also applicable for CEA FDA and UNIC members. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Tickets for the event and details about speakers and presentations are available on the Event Cinema Association website. Event Cinema Association ,3829
Katana Creators to Receive Technical Oscar,2013-01-31,The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that the original creators of Katana will be presented with an Academy Technical Achievement Award. Sony Pictures Imageworks engineers Steve LaVietes Brian Hall and Jeremy Selan created the software as an in-house lighting and scene management solution for Sony Pictures Imageworks almost ten years ago. Katana has been used in production by Sony Pictures Imageworks artists since 2004 on more than 30 productions including Men In Black 3 The Amazing Spider-Man and Oz the Great and Powerful. The Foundry entered into a technology sharing agreement with Sony Pictures Imageworks in November 2009 and released Katana 1.0 in October 2011. Since then the two companies have been working together to ensure the successful use and integration of each other’s technology; exchanging updates and new discoveries. Katana takes an innovative recipe based approach enabling facilities large and small to build highly scalable and efficient lighting pipelines without a large internal engineering effort. The Foundry’s commercial version of the software takes the Katana lighting and rendering technology into the wider market. The list of clients includes ILM MPC and Digital Domain. In 2012 The Foundry’s Katana was picked up by a wide range of studios of various sizes including LAIKA Mikros Image in Paris Fido in Stockholm Newbreed in Montreal and Tippett Studio. This growth is expected to continue in 2013 as VFX facilities recognize the benefits of an industry standard collaborative lighting pipeline. The nine scientific and technical achievements represented by 25 individual award recipients will be honored at the annual Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation at The Beverly Hills Hotel on February 9. Unlike other Academy Awards achievements receiving Scientific and Technical Awards do not need to have been developed and introduced during 2012. Rather the achievements are rewarded based on a proven record of contributing significant value to the process of making motion pictures. ,3830
Join the Conversation,2013-01-31,The stories that we post on Digital Cinema Report are just the beginning. Many of these stories prompt extended conversations among the members of the growing international group of professionals who are members of our Digital Cinema Report group on LinkedIn. Currently the group includes more than 1 400 motion picture executives from all over the globe. We cordially invite you to join the conversation today ,3832
Kickstarter-Funded This Last Lonely Place Now in Post,2013-01-31,Writer/director Steve Anderson’s thriller This Last Lonely Place  which filmed November-December 2012 in and around Los Angeles has wrapped principal photography. The project was fully financed through Kickstarter. This Last Lonely Place is currently in post-production. This Last Lonely Place stars Rhys Coiro (Entourage Straw Dogs  24) as cab driver Sam Taylor  Carly Pope (Popular Elysium) as high-end escort Faye Gardner  and Xander Berkeley (Kick-Ass 24 Nikita) as investment banker Frank Devore. The film also features a solid supporting cast including Richard Portnow  Michelle Krusiec  Jeananne Goossen  and Erin Matthews. This Last Lonely Place revolves around an injured war vet cab driver (Coiro) that picks up a wealthy investment banker (Berkeley) late one night in Beverly Hills. On edge the banker confesses to a shady investment scheme and after picking up his mistress (Pope) it is revealed that a terrible crime has just been committed. Drawn into a conspiracy gone awry the cab driver is now at their mercy. As the long dark cab ride progresses - through the lonely streets and back alleys of Los Angeles - dark layers of deceit come to light. It was an incredible shoot says Steve Anderson of Mudflap Films. “We shot in iconic locations such as the penthouse of the Chateau Marmont the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel the Sunset Strip and Rodeo Drive. For most of the exterior locations we just showed up in the cab and grabbed the shots. We worked with a very small crew who all did multiple jobs. Our brave cast really believed in this project and their support made our innovative production tactics possible. Over forty days shooting right here in Los Angeles all for 100K. Amazing. Anderson wrote the original screenplay and is producing and directing the film. A Peabody Award winner Anderson previously directed The Big Empty which starred Jon Favreau Kelsey Grammar and Daryl Hannah. In addition he wrote and directed the free speech documentary F*ck and recently wrote and produced The River Murders starring Ray Liotta and Christian Slater. We had been looking for an inspired way to honor Humphrey Bogart 's legacy of supporting his fellow artists said Robbert de Klerk who manages the icon's estate together with Stephen Bogart son of Bogie and Bacall. Humphrey Bogart was known for taking risks. He was one of the first actors to start his own production company when he left Warner Brothers in 1948 to start Santana Productions. In so many ways Anderson and our incredibly talented and dedicated cast captured the true independent spirit that Bogie was known for. This collaboration with Steve Anderson has been one of those rare and wonderful examples of the old and new coming together and Stephen Bogart and I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.