Shooting in Confined Spaces

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Fri, 08/31/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Whether it’s for the ongoing cooking series That’s Fresh or the website video for The Restaurant at Meadowood (a three Michelin Star restaurant in Napa) actress turned filmmaker Leanna Creel says she has used her Sachtler Ace non-stop since she acquired it. “I like to use the Sachtler Ace because it’s the right size for the Canon Mark II’s that I use ” she says. “It’s lightweight versatile and easy to use. When we were doing the video on The Restaurant at Meadowood’s website we shot in various gardens the busy kitchen and other unique but often small areas. The Ace allowed me to carry my camera into these locations and the wild areas around Napa in a run-and-gun style of documentary action quickly. “On a recent shoot for the ongoing That’s Fresh cooking series I needed to capture images of chef Helen Cavallo quickly and with a very small footprint. The kitchens used for these episodes are often small and contain a lot of equipment that can get in the way of a camera set up ” she adds. “There are also certain restrictions we place on ourselves like finding the best way to document the images needed for the show. With the Ace I can set up quickly and get in almost anywhere. “I simply love working with Sachtler’s Ace ” she adds. “Beyond the light weight and versatility I love the ability to tilt down 90 degrees and shoot from other creative angles. When we’re done with one shot it’s easy to slide the Ace into its’ bag and set off for the next location quickly and safely.” Creel’s website video for The Restaurant at Meadowood is online now. That’s Fresh a series of 1-2 minute cooking episodes is airing on various Disney websites their YouTube channel as well as on Disney Jr. In addition Creel has just finished directing and producing a web series also for Disney about people living with Type 1 diabetes with she says “The Sachtler Ace as my support of course.”