Shanghai Film Group Showcases Christie Technology in New Museum

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Mon, 08/13/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Shanghai Film Group has announced that it is holding a showcase that will feature Christie technology and the new Shanghai Film Museum which is slated to open by the end of the year. “Shanghai is the cradle of Chinese film art. With more than 63 years of expertise in film production Shanghai Film Group has witnessed the Chinese film industry growing from strength to strength. With the establishment of the Shanghai Film Museum we envision bridging the past present and future of the Shanghai film industry through the seamless integration of technology and film arts. Through our collaboration with industry veteran Christie we strive to keep the museum lively by showcasing the latest entertainment technologies in the market. As the museum chronicles our past we also hope to feature the most advanced cinema technology available ” said Xiaojun Wang vice president Shanghai Film Group. “As the Shanghai Film Museum opens a new chapter in the history of Chinese film industry Christie will work hand-in-hand with the Shanghai Film Group to provide our advanced digital cinema technologies ” said Lin Yu vice president Christie Asia Pacific. “With more than 80 years experience and 31 000 digital cinema projectors deployed worldwide our technical know-how goes beyond projectors. Sophisticated technology solutions such as our integrated media blocks processors that show 3D and alternative content and software applications for cinema operators who manage multiplexes will all find their way to the Shanghai Film Museum.”