Searle Street Post Upgrades Digital Dailies Workflow

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Wed, 03/28/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Searle Street Post in Cape Town South Africa has upgraded its digital dailies workflow from Bones Dailies to Flexxity Dailies. Dailies operator at Searle Street Post Andrew Giddey says Flexxity is stable versatile and a highly intelligent system that makes the dailies process enjoyable and successful day after day. Searle Street Post works with a lot of ProRes files coming from Arri Alexa ArriRaw Red and other acquisition formats which Flexxity Dailies ingests and reads natively without the need for transcoding.  This ensures that high quality compressed content is supported throughout the entire process all the way to the finished product.  Flexxity is among the first Linux based software solutions to offer native ProRes support. The South African film market is a vibrant growing industry which offers diverse and unique film locations affordable production costs and a favorable exchange rate.  As with other markets the move toward digital filming digital dailies as well as on-set dailies is occurring quite rapidly. We are seeing a fast shift from film to digital in Africa says Heino Henning creative director at Searle Street Post.  We are committed to taking the lead in technology trends and market movements and our decision to upgrade our Bones system to a Flexxity Dailies will help us continue to meet the demands of our customers.  Flexxity handles digital formats such as ArriRaw and ProRes so seamlessly so the decision to upgrade our dailies workflow was really already made for us. Searle Street Post