SD&A Conference Announces Advance Program

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Wed, 11/14/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference has announced the advance program for its February 2013 event. Spanning three days from February 4-6 the conference will highlight a wide range of technical development in the stereoscopic imaging field. Themes in the technical program include: Auto stereoscopic and Volumetric Displays 3D Image Quality 3D User Studies 3D Games Applications 3D Content and Coding and Multi-layer 3D Displays. The 3D Theatre session at each year’s SD&A conference is one of the conference’s most popular sessions. The purpose of this session is to showcase the wide range of 3D content being produced around the world. The SD&A 2013 3D Theatre session will be held the first day of the conference. If you are a 3D content producer or have recently worked on a 3D production and can help obtain permission please consider submitting your work. We accept a wide range of 3D content from studio blockbusters to industrial applications to student productions. 3D content should be tightly edited and well produced. Content owners should contact the conference before November 30 for submission details. The due date for 3D content submission is December 21. Registration for the conference has begun. Click here for more information