Screenvision Announces Six Marketing Deals

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Tue, 08/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Screenvision has signed a first-time agreement with Mann Theatres and long-term renewals with Frank Theatres Premiere Cinemas CEC Theatres Neighborhood Cinemas and Emagine Entertainment. The new deals come on the heels of the April 2012 launch of The Limelight and its Screenfanz app a dramatically re-engineered in-cinema advertising pre-show with a 2-screen configuration targeted to the big screen and mobile devices that empowers advertisers to capitalize upon mobile interactivity and social connectivity with their ad buys coast-to-coast. These new deals are a major sign of support for our continuing efforts to innovate the world of in-cinema marketing said Darryl Schaffer executive vice president of operations and exhibitor relations for Screenvision. They represent a major step forward in our digital evolution and for the long-term growth of our company and in-cinema advertising as a whole. In part due to the conversion to digital cinema 98 percent of Screenvision's preshows are exhibited in a digital format. By year's end 8 000 screens in the 14 500 screen national network will have satellite delivery of ads and alternative content via Screenvision's Digital SkyArc service. Importantly the new deals provide Screenvision with an average remaining term on all its exhibitor contracts of nine years. The average remaining term with its top 12 exhibitor partners representing over 6 000 screens nationally is 15 years. We are excited to continue our partnership with Screenvision said Bruce Frank president and CEO of Frank Theatres. Our relationship goes back to 2008 and we look forward to another ten years with a leader in cinema advertising. We're more than pleased with the direction their digital preshow is going.