Scrabble Entertainment Expands into Latin America

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Wed, 11/14/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

After successfully deploying digital cinema in India and the Middle East Scrabble Entertainment has announced its expansion into Latin America. The company plans to deploy DCI-compliant digital cinema equipment to cinemas in the region. To facilitate the deployment Scrabble has so far signed separate non-exclusive digital cinema deployment agreements for the region with Warner Bros Pictures International Universal Pictures International Walt Disney Motion Pictures International Sony Pictures Releasing International Corporation and expects to sign the same with 20th Century Fox International. Subject to the terms and conditions under each agreement each studio will separately provide certain financial contributions to promote digital cinema when supplying films if booked in digital form to Scrabble's exhibitors.

Scrabble's roll out plan will commence in early 2013 and will initially cover Brazil Mexico and Chile. Our creative ways and out-of-the-box model have made us successful in every country in which we have deployed digital cinema so far. The Latin American marketplace will be no different. This region has a unique set of challenges and there will be stiff competition with other deploying entities. We believe that exhibitors will be inclined to work with us because of our unique and flexible business model said Ranjit Thakur CEO of Scrabble Entertainment.

 UFO Moviez holds a controlling stake in Scrabble Entertainment. With the deployment window being so small and the end of 35 mm prints right ahead of us exhibitors in the region are scrambling to get digital equipment at the earliest. Integrators who get in first with the most practical business model for the exhibitors will be ahead of the game. With the backing of UFO's financial muscle Scrabble is prepared to have more skin in the region said Kapil Agarwal joint managing director of UFO Moviez.