Scorsese's Hugo First to Use New Cooke Lenses

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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Martin Scorsese’s eagerly anticipated 3D film Hugo is the first production to use all three families of Cooke lenses: 5/i S4/I and Panchro/i. It is also the first major motion picture shot with 5/i lenses (closely followed by Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris) and the first major film to use /i Technology (metadata) and Transvideo CineMonitor HD 3D View /i monitors. Gregor Tavenner first camera assistant to DP Robert Richardson ASC says “We heard about the 5/i lenses so we decided to take a look at them at Clairmont Camera. They were absolutely gorgeous; they had a beautiful feeling. We ended up taking three sets together with S4/i and Panchros and what we saw was incredible consistency.” In an email to Cooke Optics about the 5/i lenses Tavenner added “I hope you can feel as proud [of the images] as I do – it’s just a marvelous lens you made! Please show this to those involved with the 5/i project: they need to know how beautiful the images are from their lenses...and in marriage with the Alexa!  What a combo.” Additional firsts’include the fact that Hugo which is based on the Brian Selznick book The Invention of Hugo Cabret is the first project shot in 3D by Martin Scorsese and Richardson and the first major 3D movie shot with ARRI Alexa cameras.

The film is now in the final stages of post and is due for release in late November.