Schneider Introduces S2000 Century/Canon 17mm Lens

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Mon, 05/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Schneider Optics has introduced the S2000 Century/Canon 17mm T4 Tilt-Focus Lens in PL Mount. Ideal for use on cameras with up to a S35 sensor this new converted lens offers 360 degrees of rotation and 8 degrees of tilt in any direction for remarkable control of the subject focus plane. The lens' tilt and rotation adjustments can be made before or even during a shot for a wide variety of effects. The desired degree of rotation is fixed via a lever while a locking knob secures the selected tilt angle. The S2000 Century/Canon 17mm lens features a linear iris and integral .8 module metric iris and focus gears. Other existing lenses in the Tilt-Shift family include: 24mm T4 45mm T2.8 and 90mm T2.8. The US list price for the Century/Canon 17mm T4 is $7500.