Saints Row: The Third Launches with Outdoor 3D Display

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Fri, 07/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Pearl Media deployed a massive 3D projection on the side of San Diego’s PetCo Park during Comic-Con to promote the launch of THQ’s upcoming new video game Saints Row: The Third. The projection brought thousands of Comic-Con attendees and consumers into the streets to view 3D-projected images from the game including the main characters smashing through the walls of PetCo Park all without the use of 3D stereoscopic glasses. 
Using high-powered projectors Pearl Media's proprietary 3D and mapping technology lighting sound shadows and animation the 3D projection was mapped to the contours of PetCo Park. 
“Pearl Media is thrilled to bring our groundbreaking 3D mapping projection technology and hardware to Comic-Con for the first time ever especially for the launch of the high-profile fan favorite video game Saints Row: The Third ” says Josh Cohen President and CEO of Pearl Media. “With such a tech savvy audience at Comic-Con we see this technology as a tremendous opportunity for the entertainment and video game industries to stand out in a unique and exciting way that offers consumers something they have never before witnessed.”
 The Saints will not be contained to two dimensions. Watching them go to war against the Syndicate is exciting enough. Watching giant 3D characters from Saints Row: The Third exploding through PetCo Park takes it completely over the top. In true Saints fashion we don't do anything small says Brian Coleman vice president North American Marketing THQ.
To view a video of the projection visit: 
 Pearl Media