Sachtler Introduces Telescopic TT 75/2 CF Lightweight Tripod

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Thu, 09/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Sachtler has introduced a new lightweight two-stage carbon fiber tripod ideally suited for HDV and video enabled DSLR cameras. The TT 75/2 CF features a 75mm bowl and three-section single carbon fiber tubes. Varying leg angles can be quickly deployed and adjusted. The tripod comes with Sachtler’s distinctive red footpads with retractable spikes.The Sachtler TT 75/2 CF offers a wide height range from as low as 10.6 inches up to a maximum height of 67.3 inches and weighs just 5.1 pounds. The new telescopic tripod is available in a system along with a Sachtler FSB 4 Cine DSLR FSB 6 or FSB 8 fluid head plus the DV 75 L padded carrier. The TT 75/2 CF Lightweight Tripod is available in the United States only. Sachtler