Royal Opera House Production of Madame Butterfly 3D Screened in Canadian Theatres

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Thu, 09/13/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Royal Opera House production of Madam Butterfly 3D made its Canadian screen debut September 5th at Landmark Cinema in West Kelowna British Columbia. RealD’s 3D cinema technology was used to capture the visuals of the feature film which was captured during live performances at Covent Garden. Barco’s Auro 11.1 provided the 3D audio for several screenings of the film. Madam Butterfly 3D marks the second co-production between London’s Royal Opera House and RealD. In the summer of 2010 the companies successfully launched their first collaboration the 3D feature Carmen in 3D at cinemas around the world. “We took all the original production elements including the acoustics of the hall in which the performance is captured which allowed us to expand the space of the auditorium from a sound perspective ” said Brian Claypool senior director strategic business development at Barco. “We then modeled the sound design based on the hall itself. In this way we have created an incredibly enhanced immersive sonic experience that is the perfect match for the stellar 3D images the production mastered.” “Madam Butterfly 3D leverages the immersive power of RealD 3D so audiences feel as if they are in the audience at the famed Royal Opera House creating a truly differentiated theatrical experience ” said Joseph Peixoto president worldwide cinema from RealD. “Adding Auro 11.1 furthers the audience immersion through an audio experience that complements the lifelike 3D visuals on screen.” “While visual technology has progressed from film to digital and then to RealD 3D sound technology has not evolved very much in nearly 20 years. Auro 11.1 allows sound technology to ‘catch up’ to the current visual presentation systems – bringing a total immersive experience to the movie-going public. We are delighted that Auro 11.1 is quickly gaining traction in the industry and we are excited about this recent collaboration with RealD. Madam Butterfly 3D is a perfect vehicle for the enhanced immersive reality that Barco’s Auro 11.1 technology can provide ” said Wim Buyens senior vice president for Barco Entertainment.