Red Giant Releases Trapcode Suite 12

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Fri, 09/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Red Giant has released Trapcode Suite 12 a VFX package for high quality broadcast design and 3D motion graphics. With this release Trapcode Suite adds Adobe Creative Suite 6 updates; bonus Guru Presets for Shine and Particular; and Trapcode Mir the new product from Trapcode creator Peder Norrby. Trapcode Mir creates mesh objects made of polygons shaped by fractal noise and textured and illuminated in a 3D environment. Because it is built on the OpenGL standard Trapcode Mir allows instant previews and faster design workflows. Trapcode Mir is my first GPU plug-in and I'm amazed at the speed provided by OpenGL rendering said Norrby. I'm excited to see what the talented and creative Trapcode artists around the world come up with using this new tool. We think filmmakers and effects artists will be especially excited about Trapcode Suite 12 with Peder's newest creation Mir added Andrew Little president and co-founder of Red Giant. Peder not only listens to his customers he's inspired by them. He created Mir in response to artists' craving for more elegant creative tools combined with speed and efficiency. Mir is a fast-rendering mesh generator that quickly creates organic 3D designs for motion graphics and special effects including abstract landscapes nebula-like structures and flowing geometric patterns. Mir is packed with 3D features that shape the mesh like geometry controls for shaping the polygons fractal noise for displacement shading and texture for depth and integration with After Effects lights. Mir renders and responds very fast because it's built on OpenGL performance so designers can do their creative work quickly even in high-impact HD projects.