Rausch Blatz Launch United Motion Entertainment

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Fri, 07/08/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Calling itself the first Hollywood transmedia production company United Motion Entertainment has announced the launch of its business. The company includes branded entertainment veteran Dominik Rausch as CEO and producer-actor-musician Kelly Blatz as vice president of strategic partnerships. They describe UME as a hybrid production company/marketing firm that they say is set to revolutionize the way that entertainment is produced distributed and promoted. The company is expanding its line of production services to include legal accounting and post-production supervision in order to offer a full production package to advertising agencies studios and production companies alike in keeping with the company’s motto “You bring the concept we deliver the product.” Rausch who is best known as a producer of the successful branded entertainment web series Easy to Assemble Season 2 sponsored by IKEA and as a digital producer for Horizon Media. Blatz is best known as a television (Aaron Stone and Glory Daze) and film (Prom Night) actor and as a musician. UME will leverage its status as the only Hollywood production company that has mastered the creation of high-quality production value with small-to-medium-budgets to deliver both on-demand assignment work for clients as well as long-term cross-platform projects. “There are few people in the digital media world who understand how to deliver innovative productions on-budget and on-schedule as well as Dominik Rausch; I have worked with him on campaigns that would not have happened with anyone else. He understands how to leverage new platforms for storytelling in a unique way ” says Molly Sugarman director of digital media innovation at Horizon Media. “The industry needs more production companies like United Motion Entertainment that can make creative exploration using new technologies an inviting opportunity for clients rather than a scary proposition. Dominik has an uncanny ability to focus on the story and not allow digital media to cloud the conversation.” “As the studio of the 21st century we open up the story for a new generation of audiences by creating a product tailored specifically to the complex structure of today’s media landscape. Up to this point transmedia has worked on creating a single and linear narrative across multiple platforms. Our United Motion Marketing concept provides a richer set of access points in a 360-degree world created to capture different audiences around the main property; essentially developing multiple franchises around one story to satisfy everyone’s curiosities ” says Rausch. We are now seeing a new generation of producers who fully understand how to create stories that extend from all platforms to all audiences in an efficient manner and United Motion Entertainment's model is indicative of this says Bill Fay president of production for   Legendary Pictures. This may be the film studio of the future with the ability to produce micro-budget features and new media projects with equal expertise and with the facility to provide turn-key services to a range of partners. United Motion Entertainment www.unitedmotionentertainment.com