Raging Artists Establishes New Division for Independent Films

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Tue, 02/28/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

As part of its expansion into the entertainment arena Raging Artists has announced the establishment of a division dedicated to the development production and promotion of independent films. These three components are not mutually exclusive according to founder Hershel Rephun. “Returning from Sundance it was clear to us that the opportunity exists to nurture unique ideas and content with the potential to reach a broad audience ” he says “whether we are involved at the promotion stage or as early as development.”

 Known for marketing broadcast and Web content from a wide range of companies in commercial production post and fashion Raging Artists has an unusual perspective on the relationship between brands and artists.

“We’re starting with a few properties that are fully produced but can benefit from bold strategic promotion ” says partner/CEO Juicy Diaz. “Whether it’s a documentary dealing with special needs like Gork which had no brand involvement or a couple of films sponsored by brands but which retain an independent spirit we can help them reach their audiences.” Diaz says that courage and freedom are two traits that hit home for Raging Artists. “The unifying element is fearlessness ” he says. “We aren’t traditional not in our culture not in our content. So we’re seeking out people who mirror that dynamic in the work they do.”

 Produced by Bottoms Up Productions and directed by Devon Terrill Gork won the Audience Choice award and Interrobang Film Festival and screened at the Landlocked Film Festival the documentary turns a spotlight on Terrill’s outrageous charismatic and perplexing younger brother Adam his challenges and disabilities and his impact on the dynamic of his 7-member family. It is a film that has garnered accolades from critics and audiences alike for its frankness and its willingness to challenge the status quo. Gork and Raging Artists are gearing up for a May 2012 DVD release and accompanying campaign. “There is a sense of urgency at our company and I think that’s worked to our advantage with PR marketing even standup comedy ” says partner/CFO Ernie Noh. “We like to do not talk. This quote is already too long.”