Quantum to Commemorate 35th Anniversary with NYSE Bell Ringing

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Tue, 06/02/2015 - 13:42 -- Nick Dager

Quantum president and CEO Jon Gacek and the Quantum executive team today will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the company's founding and its longtime leadership in data storage by ringing the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

"Organizations are more focused than ever before on gaining insights and value from their data — from broadcasters re-monetizing their content on mobile platforms to researchers developing new drugs based on high-powered genomic sequencing to consumer goods companies repurposing video content in social media channels," said Gacek.

Throughout its history, Quantum has focused on the long-term preservation, protection and management of data, and today the company's solutions play an essential role in enabling customers to maximize the value of their data over its entire lifecycle. This includes providing users and applications with the performance they need when they need it most and storing data in the most cost-effective way possible based on a tiered management approach encompassing disk, tape, object storage and the cloud.

"For 35 years we've focused on providing customers with best-of-breed technologies and solutions to meet their most challenging data storage needs," said Gacek. "That commitment continues today and has never been more important given the strategic value of data. As we look forward, we will go even further in delivering end-to-end solutions that not only provide high performance-low cost storage but also dynamically serve data to applications and users in a way that is optimized for their specific business or mission requirements."