QSC Announces New Cinema Trailer

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Mon, 02/08/2016 - 14:02 -- Nick Dager

QSC has completed a :40 second cinema trailer which will be provided free-of-charge to theatres equipped with complete QSC Cinema sound systems. 

“Many theatre owners are quite proud of the fact that they have invested in a QSC Cinema sound system, and they want to share this fact with their patrons,” says Barry Ferrell, senior vice president and chief strategy officer for QSC. “In fact, our customers have been asking for a QSC trailer for a number of years. We are extremely happy to be able to finally deliver it to them.”

The new QSC trailer, entitled Underwater Symphony, will be available as a digital cinema package in 4K resolution, both Scope and Flat.  Initially, 5.1 and 7.1 audio formats will be available; versions with immersive formats will also offered in the near future.

Underwater Symphony features full animation and an original soundtrack. For image production, QSC selected Imaginary Forces, a creative studio and full service production company specializing in branding content for commercial advertising, digital and interactive platforms, feature films and film marketing, television, architectural spaces and global brands.

Audio quality was obviously a top priority during the production process.  For the soundtrack creation, QSC chose MarcoCo, a music production company run by Marco and Terri d’Ambrosio based in northern California.  The soundtrack was fully orchestrated and recorded at Skywalker Sound.  Mixing was done at The Dub Stage, an LA-area post-production house.

The trailer’s imagery shows a variety of partly realistic, partly fantasy sea creatures.  Sparkling and swirling sound effects and a slowly building musical soundscape accompany the creatures, showcasing the high frequency clarity and musicality of QSC signal processing, power amplifiers, and loudspeakers.  As the musical score ascends, a mammoth whale-like creature appears from the depths accompanied by a low-frequency rumble from the QSC subwoofers, and with a swipe of its immense tail, reveals the QSC logo in a cascade of water bubbles.  The simple yet bold tagline Now You Hear Us appears, announcing to the audience that they are listening to a QSC system.

Underwater Symphony will be distributed to QSC-equipped theatres around the world beginning this month.  Digital cinema package versions will be available for download from the company’s website at www.qsc.com/cinema/resources.


QSC http://www.qsc.com