Portion Posted at AlphaDogs Wins San Antonio Grand Prize

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Mon, 08/13/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The feature film Portion has been awarded the Grand Prize at the 18th Annual San Antonio Film Festival.  The film stars Bruno Bichir who also won the Santikos award at the festival for his outstanding performance as leading actor. Portion tells the story of Mexican illegal immigrant Luis (Bruno Bichir) who is faced with a tough choice when his mother—who lives in Mexico—falls gravely ill right before his final immigration interview.  Luis is torn between risking a border crossing to care for his ailing mother or leaving his wife and child behind in the United States and possibly not being allowed back into the country. The film was posted at AlphaDogs Post Production. Executive producer Juan Villarreal was just two weeks away from starting post-production on Portion when an industry peer highly recommended that he use AlphaDogs to finish the film. Villarreal was concerned about the problems he might encounter in post due to the film being shot with two different cameras.  Technical issues arose on the third day of the shoot when the Red camera experienced problems due to extremely hot weather conditions. This forced the crew to switch to the Sony F900 for the remainder of the shoot. “This is not something we wanted to do as we knew it could create a problem when matching the color in post said Villarreal. “I was not only happy but relieved when AlphaDogs colorist Sean Stack was able find the perfect blend of color to smooth out the differences in shots due to using two cameras.” As most independent filmmakers are aware producing films on a tight budget sometimes requires hiring crew with limited experience. The end result can often be mortifying once you get into post particularly when it comes to audio. Sound designer and re-recording mixer Curtis Fritsch was in charge of completing the sound mix for the film. Villarreal said   “I was extremely grateful that AlphaDogs had the experience in fixing these type of challenging situations with sound and mix that occur on set that need to be fixed in post. Curtis was able to separate and clean the audio channels without any effect on the vocals or sacrificing the sound in any of the scenes.” “I was thrilled when Portion won the Grand Prize at the San Antonio Film Festival” said AlphaDogs owner and founder Terence Curren.  “We treat each project that comes through the facility as though it’s our own.”  AlphaDogs also recently expanded their design team division of the company to include Marketing and Branding for projects in addition to their post finishing services now making AlphaDogs a one-stop shop for the independent filmmaker.   Villarreal said “I found the facility to be first rate with an ample number of bays and mini-studios all with top-of-the-line and up-to-date equipment with a staff that’s on top of their game in helping clients through all aspects of the post process.” Villarreal continues “Our project was as important to them as it is for us as filmmakers. AlphaDogs understands they are holding our baby and we as clients trust their judgment and professionalism. I have found a post house with all the elements of skill and experience and fully stand by AlphaDogs for my entire post house needs.”   Portion is Written and Directed by Gisberg Bermudez and Produced by 4 Elements Entertainment.  For more information visit http://www.portionthemovie.com/