Pixomondo Standardizes Workflow on Shotgun

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Tue, 08/30/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

International visual effects company Pixomondo has standardized on the Shotgun web-based production management and collaboration system. It is the center of Pixomondo's worldwide production pipeline that spans 11 studios and more than 600 employees in Berlin Beijing Burbank Frankfurt Hamburg Los Angeles London Munich Stuttgart Shanghai and Toronto. What Shotgun does for us is to literally get everyone on the same page says Pixomondo managing producer John Parenteau. It centralizes the entire production – schedules shot status playlists etc. – and updates made anywhere are immediately available to everyone. Eighty percent of our projects are worked on at multiple facilities and with Shotgun it's like working with another department not another country. Shotgun has taken a lot of the stress out of production and has brought people together. Pixomondo began testing Shotgun as it considered the buy versus build decision after expanding beyond what its existing database could handle. In the production environment you simply don't have the time to build everything from scratch and because Shotgun is comprehensive and gives us a good base to build around we didn't have to says Pixomondo head of pipeline Patrick Wolf. Today Pixomondo's Shotgun system houses more than 120 projects 7 500 shots 1 100 assets 30 000 tasks and 500 000 notes. Designed specifically for visual effects CG feature animation and video game industries Shotgun enables all parties involved in a project with instant access to critical data messaging and real-time project progress. It is also highly flexible with an API that enables users to easily write their own tools and integrate Shotgun with other pipeline tools and creative software applications. While it can be hosted locally Pixomondo opted to have Shotgun host its system to eliminate the direct costs of building and managing server infrastructure to support it. Pixomondo has deployed Shotgun on features including Super 8 Green Lantern Sucker Punch and Fast Five and is currently leveraging the system heavily for The Invention of Hugo Cabret the highly anticipated feature from Martin Scorcese with 10 Pixomondo studios working on the project simultaneously as well for Red Tails Hawaii Five-0 Terra Nova Hindenburg and other features and TV shows. With so many divisions sharing work communication needs to be transparent to make everything rum smoothly and let teams from all over the world feel and work like one team says Pixomondo COO China and executive producer Jan Heinze. Shotgun has replaced all of the emails that used to go back and forth with schedules version updates and feedback; the notes coordinators took on all sides and sent around. That's all gone. Shotgun made our information exchange real time. We can now discover problems before they become problems. Shotgun has given us the transparency a multinational and multicultural working environment requires. Wolf and his team are rapidly building out the studio's pipeline around Shotgun developing integration and tools including: · Enabling artists to create new versions of scene files and the associated folder structure directly from within Shotgun and load their assigned tasks from within Nuke · Enabling artists to trigger the creation of proxy renders in the Deadline render queue management system by right clicking in Shotgun · One-click playback from Shotgun playlists to the RV image and sequence viewer utilizing locally cached media if available · Enabling coordinators to cache playlist media on viewing stations for faster playback with RV · Enabling IO to initiate file transfer of playlists or versions to remote facilities. Transfers are then queued in Deadline and executed on a render node. Shotgun's API is really flexible and our developers and scripters can build tools very quickly Wolf says. When we rolled out Shotgun worldwide artists picked it up right away and people only do that when it's something that truly helps them. We also get the benefit of an extended development and support team; they're delivering new features and fixes all the time. The Shotgun guys are also very responsive. They work like we do: around the clock. Shotgun Software http://shotgunsoftware.com/