Peoria Riverfront Museum First to Feature GSX Giant Screen

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Sat, 10/13/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

On October 20th the new Peoria Riverfront Museum in Peoria Illinois will open to the public with the first GSX giant flat screen theater. The facility will become the highest resolution digital Giant Screen Cinema in the world capable of 2D and 3D presentations and will be the only theater to offer multiple automated aspect ratio modes including 4:3 at 4K by 3K resolution. Since being approved in 2001 the PRM project in Peoria Illinois has worked to clearly defined objectives to become a cultural center for art history science and achievement through the application of pioneering design technology and innovation. Global Immersion collaborated with PRM and its team of technology and consultancy partners to develop the theater. The PRM theater will feature a 70x52-foot screen 200 seats and a range of features unique to GSX that will enable the museum to play an unrestricted range of content including traditional Giant Screen films streamed alternative live and online media in multiple aspect ratios and file formats including Digital Cinema Initiative-encrypted films. The system is capable of playing content at up to 60 frames per second and in 12-bit color depth. Speaking about the project and the unique capabilities of the new system Martin Howe CEO at Global Immersion said “We are incredibly proud to be delivering the first GSX to such a visionary team of museum and technology professionals. Since the beginning we have worked diligently to evaluate the best possible technology choices and partners and to set ambitious goals for our digital Giant Screen Cinema system in order to provide a high performance platform that rivals and even outperforms the quality of film and yet offers the broadest possible range of content for the Giant Screen Cinema world.” Jim Richerson president and CEO of Peoria Riverfront Museum said “From the beginning the museum has been focused on creativity and innovation. Clearly Global Immersion's GSX system delivers that and more. With this system Global Immersion delivers several industry firsts and this will most certainly Play in Peoria. Key to serving our mission and bottom-line is a system like GSX that is flexible in programming and technologically upgradeable.” To learn more about GSX visit