People v. The State of Illusion Number One at Harkins

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Thu, 09/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Harkins announced that last month’s premiere of the film People v. The State of Illusion was number one at the Harkins Camelview Theatres in Scottsdale one of the top independent theaters in the country. The film significantly outperformed Higher Ground Senna and The Guard also playing at the theater. I think People v. The State of Illusion really resonates with people because it addresses issues like stress perception and how we look at life but does so in the context of a story that is emotionally compelling says filmmaker Austin Vickers.  If you have ever thought about who you really are or wonder whether or not as an individual family community or country we can overcome the issues we face then this movie will really speak to you.   Although receiving mixed reviews from movie critics the film seemed to really appeal to audiences according to director Scott Cervine. I have been making movies and attending premieres for more than 18 years and I have never seen audience reactions like we had.  It was amazing. The movie which addresses the viewer directly and makes the viewer a part of the film's conclusion as both judge and jury is set in the notorious Old Main Prison of the New Mexico State Penitentiary. It tells the story of Aaron Roberts a single father who is arrested and tried on manslaughter and assault charges following an incident that claims the life of a woman. Included in the film's trial as expert witnesses are eight of the nation's leading thinkers in the fields of neuroscience biochemistry psychology quantum physics and consciousness theory including Dr. Candace Pert Dr. Peter Senge Dr. Thomas Moore Dr. Joe Dispenza Debbie Ford Dr. Robert Jahn Brenda Dunne and Dr. Michael Vandermark.