Open Road Licenses Cinedigm Distribution System

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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Open Road Films will license Cinedigm's Theatrical Distribution System to serve as the platform to manage key aspects of Open Road’s theatrical distribution to its domestic territories. Cinedigm expects implementation will be completed in time to support Open Road’s first theatrical release Killer Elite which will be released nationwide on September 23.

 Open Road Films is a joint venture between the nation’s top two theatre operators AMC and Regal. The foray into the distribution business by these top exhibitors comes at a unique time in the entertainment industry as the number of major studio releases has declined over the years and there is an increased demand for content. “Tom Ortenberg and his entire Open Road team have been aggressive and forward-thinking since the day the company was announced ” says Chris McGurk CEO and chairman of Cinedigm. “Open Road Regal and AMC are breaking new ground in the industry and we are pleased to be a part of this history.” “It’s important that we have the most sophisticated and efficient software to track releases and maximize productivity ” says Elliot Slutzky executive vice president of distribution for Open Road Films. “Cinedigm's TDS system is a powerful solution designed specifically for movie distributors of all sizes making it the perfect choice for Open Road.” “We appreciate the opportunity to work with the veteran team at Open Road Films as they bring their unique vision to the theatrical marketplace ” says Jim Miller president of Cinedigm’s software division.  “We look forward to their insight and perspective as we innovate new technologies for the industry.”

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