Odeon Signs with Unique Digital for Key Delivery

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Mon, 05/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Odeon Cinemas have signed up to Unique Digital’s new Basekey key delivery system to distribute the film security keys to all 108 sites across their circuit in the UK and Ireland. 
 Basekey provides cinemas distributors and content media houses with a secure and automated system to manage and deliver keys to any digital cinema site equipped with a Rosettabridge Theatre Management System. Packages of keys are uploaded by distribution partners via a secure web service portal and each TMS automatically only pulls down the keys required for the DCI compliant playback servers on it’s site by continuously polling for changes and updates. 
Unique Digital has also rolled out the system as part of their DC deployment in Norway with all the major Studios and media distribution houses already signed up to use the service. 
“As the number of DC equipped cinemas grows worldwide one of the major unsolved headaches for exhibitors and distributors alike has been the management of keys. Up to now delivery of the keys has meant countless emails and/or shipping of USB keys. Basekey removes all that additional work and cost ” said Phil Morris technical director Unique Digital. “The system has now supplied hundreds of keys for several major releases for Odeon greatly reducing their operations workload.” 
”One of the biggest headaches for an Exhibitor when converting to digital cinema is the management and upkeep of digital keys. Unique’s Basekey solution removes all the hassle and ensures the correct keys are available on the correct screen at all times ” said Drew Kaza digital development director Odeon Cinemas. “Coupled to the Rosettabridge TMS in each site the system is fully automated and hassle-free.” 
 With several major releases already this year Walt Disney has been a keen supporter of the system since it was deployed for Odeon. This is the type of system we have been waiting for said Saul Mahoney executive director digital cinema operations EMEA at Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Unique's Basekey solution offers an effective answer to an industry wide issue affording Odeon an advantage with their digital cinema operations in the UK by minimizing the pain surrounding KDM delivery in general.
 Chris Olsson-Hagan managing director Unique Digital said “We have listened to the concerns of both Distributors and Exhibitors and designed a system that meets the needs of the market . We look forward to expanding our Basekey offering to the rest of our customers and partners world-wide”