NHK and intoPix Collaborate on 4K JPEG Encoding Technology

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Tue, 11/29/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

intoPix has cooperated with NHK Engineering Services in Japan in the development of a JPEG 2000 encoding technology for 4K high-resolution image acquisition. intoPix JPEG 2000 FPGA based IP-cores enable 4K image compression into a single JPEG 2000 code stream in real-time and without any tiling.
 NHK Engineering Services has already developed a JPEG 2000 outdoor acquisition system for 4K high-resolution images that makes the acquisition as easy as if it was HDTV images.  It has been utilized during the acquisition of high-speed running scenes (using a vehicle-mounted system) and the live broadcast of cardiac surgery. The technology developed by NHK Engineering Services in collaboration with intoPix enables a more compact and easier system for the outdoor acquisition of 4K high-resolution images. NHK Engineering Services will continue to expand the features of this technology and is planning to make full use of JPEG 2000 characteristics such as its scalability.