New Study Bullish on Worldwide Digital Cinema Market

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Fri, 08/31/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

According to a report issued by Global Industry Analysts the global digital cinema projector market is ideally positioned to experience growth in the near term due to the conversions of conventional projectors to digital cinema projectors. Additional demand emerges from a largely under-penetrated market for 3D and digital cinematography equipment. The current movie theater business model is continuously threatened by a constant rise in digital downloads by consumers large-scale availability of less expensive rental options and the studios’ intentions of reducing or eliminating theatrical release lifecycle to raise DVD sales the report says. In order to stay relevant cinema operators are now exploring options of enhancing viewer experience which can be effectively achieved by digitizing the cinema theatres. Transformation to digital formats offer numerous benefits to cinema operators mainly cost savings which assume the form of cost involved for printing physically transporting films and retrieving the physical celluloid prints. Digital cinema also offers operators the flexibility of customized on-demand entertainment options. The global cinema industry is currently undergoing a transition towards complete digitalization. Digital cinema has been around for more than ten years but the market gained traction in the year 2010. With the shift away from the celluloid based cinematography the entire value chain is witnessing a seismic change. Consequently the whole process of capturing cinematographic data processing distribution and exhibition is experiencing complete digitalization. Digital cinema projectors form the lifeline of digital cinema industry. These projectors have brought about an end to the reign of the 35-mm legacy mainly due to the inherent advantages offered by digital projectors. Though infrastructural costs in Digital Cinema including projectors and servers are much higher than conventional 35-mm the printing costs and transportation cost of the films is drastically reduced with the implementation of Digital Cinema. The cost of distribution is further reduced by transmitting films through satellites. From a market perspective in 2010 the digital cinema projectors market witnessed a slew of investments towards digitalization. Growth in the market is expected to commence declining after conversion to digital reaches a sizeable level of maturity. However the report says the demand from consumables and lamps as well as replacement sales would continue to rejuvenate the coffers of digital cinema OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the upcoming years. Days of dominating the cinema space is over for conventional 35mm technology which with the advent of the digital revolution in the cinema exhibition arena has been gradually reclining to the corners of the exhibitor’s and viewer’s mind space. However 35mm will still be in operation in some markets till it gradually fades into obscurity. In a phased manner the celluloid based concept which had driven the cinema industry for years will witness obsolescence across the globe in the European region by 2014 and the US as early as 2013. As stated by the new market research report on digital cinema projectors  the US represents the largest regional market worldwide. However future growth in the market is expected to emerge from emerging markets with Asia-Pacific spearheading the growth. The region is projected to rise at a compounded annual rate of 15.1 percent during the analysis period. Within Asia-Pacific China is expected to be at the epicenter of growth in the foreseeable future. With a large number of digital as well as conventional technology-based theaters being constructed in China the country is poised to dominate growth in demand for Digital Cinema Projectors. In other Asia-Pacific markets such as South Korea continued promotion of digital cinema adoption from organizations such as Digital Cinema Korea is expected to surge demand for digital cinema projectors. The research report titled Digital Cinema Projectors: A Global Strategic Business Report announced by Global Industry Analysts provides a comprehensive review of market trends issues drivers company profiles mergers acquisitions and other strategic industry activities. The report provides market estimates and projections in terms of annual sales in US$ Million for major geographic markets including the United States Canada Japan Europe (France Germany Italy UK Spain Russia and Rest of Europe) Asia-Pacific Middle East & Africa and Latin America. Digital Cinema Projectors