New Certified Theatre Program from QSC Cinema

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Mon, 02/08/2016 - 13:47 -- Nick Dager

QSC has announced a new Certified Theatre Program, designed to promote the optimal movie going experience.

The QSC Certified Theatre Program is available to all QSC-equipped cinemas whose operators agree to adhere to a set of specifications and guidelines.  These guidelines include industry best practices in general room design and acoustics, projection quality, and sound system design and operation. 

Once a cinema has substantially met the guidelines, they will be deemed a QSC Certified Theatre, and the theatre can then participate in a comprehensive CTP Promotional program.  The free-of-charge Promotional program includes a 40-second customized QSC Cinema Trailer with the theatre’s logo imprint and designation as a QSC Certified Theatre, a wall plaque, and a one-sheet poster (transparency or digital format). Also, each CTP theatre location will be promoted and highlighted on the QSC cinema website at

The design specifications and guidelines apply not only to QSC products and system design, but also to general room construction, acoustics, projection systems, sightlines, etc. – anything that affects cinema patrons’ overall movie going experience.

“The goal of this program is really to promote a good experience for the moviegoer,” says Mark Mayfield, director of global cinema marketing for QSC.  “In many cases, the requirements outlined in our specifications document will be easily met if a cinema has adhered to general industry best practices.  For new construction and recently renovated cinemas, achieving CTP status should be no problem.  In other cases, some modifications may be necessary, such as acoustical treatment, baffle walls, or demising wall construction.”

QSC has also recently announced QSC Financing, a financing program, which can help with the expenses related to meeting Certified Theatre Program status. Visit for more information.