NEC Europe Launches NC900C Digital Cinema Projector

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Wed, 03/13/2013 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched the compact NC900C DCI-certified digital cinema projector.
The NC900C was the first projector to incorporate the new S2K chipset and use NSH lamps. Perfect for small cinema screens art houses and mobile and public cinemas the NC900C called for a lamp that was easy to implement and maintain lowered total cost of ownership and had unbeatable brightness color and reliability.
The NC900C runs with a 350W NSH Dual-Lamp system which uses almost half the power consumption of competitors. This puts the projector's power consumption at less than 1000W which translates into savings up to approximately €700 per year (at typ. 3 000h usage/year and 0.25 Euro/kWh). The choice of an NSH dual-lamp ensures one lamp still operates in case of any lamp problem and the defective can be swapped out while projector is working. Furthermore as the Lamp mirror is safely included within the lamp module there is no need to worry about potential mirror damage and because NSH lamp heat dissipation is lower than its Xenon counterparts no external projector exhaust is needed.
 “In the NC900C NEC Display Solutions has combined our compact S2K chip and the most suitable NSH dual-lamp technology to create an incredibly efficient projector. We are really pleased with the end result and how well received the NC900C is on the market ” said Dave Duncan business manager of DLP Cinema for Texas Instruments.
 With the combined powers of Texas Instrument's S2K chipset NSH lamps and our innovative easy-lamp system we were able to bring a high-end digital cinema solution to smaller cinema settings ” said Gerd Kaiser product line manager for large venue projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “NEC engineers had our customers in mind to make the NC900C the most user-friendly digital cinema projector. This combination of lamp system and chipset helps lower the TCO and makes it easy for anyone to change the lamp as the lamp is not under pressure in the OFF-state.”
 NEC is partnering with digital video server provider Doremi to deliver a one stop solution of one manufacturer with a fully integrated true turnkey cinema solution. ,3953
OptiTrack Launches Motive,2013-03-14, Motion capture provider OptiTrack has launched Motive a unified software platform designed to eliminate the complexities historically associated with motion capture workflows. The company says that Motive delivers cleaner motion data enables larger capture volumes and can be tailored to meet a full range of production studio needs. It provides a high-performance solution for data management and processing as well as skeleton solving. When customized with the Motive Body Module add-on the system delivers simultaneous full body and finger tracking even in very large capture areas.

 “We’ve always taken a position that motion capture shouldn’t be so difficult and it shouldn’t be so expensive ” said Jim Richardson CEO of OptiTrack. “With the release of Motive we’re making it easier than ever to integrate motion capture into facilities and productions of all sizes at very accessible price points. Coupled with OptiTrack’s cameras the highest performers in the industry we’ve set a new bar for performance in optical motion capture.”  

“Robust motion capture is an essential part of the Autodesk virtual production pipeline and OptiTrack has completely upped their game with the Prime 41 cameras and Motive ” said Bruno Sargeant Autodesk senior product manager.

 Beta versions of Motive have been available to select OptiTrack customers and the software is already positively impacting their workflows. 

“We chose OptiTrack for several reasons. The Prime 41 cameras outperformed their competition and the Motive software suite is unparalleled ” said Chuck Ghislandi motion and animation director of Game On Audio. “This combination of superior hardware and 64 bit software allowed us to design and build a very large capture stage and gave us confidence that we could capture more actors for longer takes. The OptiTrack system is completely scalable so we know that we can continue to enhance our system to meet the growing expectations of next-gen games and films.” Motive is available for $999 and the Body Module add-on is available for $1499. Existing OptiTrack customers with current software licenses will be upgraded to Motive at no additional cost.  

For more details on Motive

 To see a video of Motive in action ,3955
Popcornflix Downloads Top 400 000 Mark,2013-03-14,Popcornflix has announced that the number of Popcornflix downloads on the number one streaming player Roku have exceeded 400 000. Roku recently launched in the United Kingdom and Canada. Popcornflix is now available on Roku in those countries as well. Roku offers hundreds of entertainment channels in the newly expanded markets including Popcornflix which gives Roku users a fast and easy way to view hundreds of theatrically released titles and indie films starring top actors like Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Meryl Streep Charlize Theron and many more. Users can search by title actor or director or browse for movies in a wide variety of genres including action/ thriller comedy family/kids drama horror Bollywood and documentaries. “We’re very excited about bringing Popcornflix to the Roku audience especially as Roku expands into Canada and the United Kingdom ” said Gary Delfiner senior vice president of Screen Media Digital a division of Screen Media Ventures parent company of Popcornflix. “Roku offers the best streaming player on the market and we’re proud to provide access to hundreds of free films for Roku’s customers.” The Popcornflix Roku app was developed by Float Left Interactive. Popcornflix is an ad-supported platform that does not charge viewers for access to its films on Roku. Popcornflix recently launched free iPhone iPad and iPod Touch apps. ,3956
Screen Media Ventures Launches FrightPix,2013-03-14,Screen Media Ventures owner of Popcornflix has launched FrightPix the company’s second free ad-supported digital channel. FrightPix launches with more than 100 feature-length horror films and will be adding 30 additional films each month. Like Popcornflix FrightPix is ad supported and free to the viewer. The new channel boasts a wide range of horror genres including the Creature Feature Slasher Splatter Zombie Supernatural Creepy Cult Demon and Gothic categories. The company also announced the launch of a new horror label. “We’re very excited to launch our second digital movie platform ” said Gary Delfiner president of Screen Media Digital. “The horror genre is a great niche with many devoted fans and we expect the channel to be extremely popular.” To assist with content Screen Media Films another division of Screen Media Ventures has created its own horror label: Screen Media Darkside. The label will focus on the development production and acquisition of new genre films. The label was first announced at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Since then it has completed a number of genre acquisitions featuring quality innovative content such as the home-invasion slasher film Home Sweet Home and the high-school-set creepy thriller The Expelled. Screen Media Ventures Float Left Interactive ,3959
Area23a Releases Silver Circle in New York LA,2013-03-14,Distribution company Area 23a has announced that the animated feature film Silver Circle will open in Los Angeles on April 5th.  After opening in New York on March 22 the film will continue to platform out to most major markets through traditional theatrical runs and special event screenings following the NYC premiere. Directed by Pasha Roberts and written by Steven Schwartz Silver Circle takes indie animation to another level combining elements of action romance and monetary policy in a story depicting a near-future dystopian vision of an America controlled by an all-powerful Federal Reserve. Silver Circle focuses on a group of Underground Rebels led by the charismatic Zoe Taylor (played by Philana Mia). Under Zoe’s leadership the Rebels out-maneuver the oppressive Federal Reserve while creating a guerilla currency based on silver.  Following a HousStab (Dept. of Housing Stability) protest where one of the Rebels is killed Zoe confronts a straight-laced federal agent: Jay Nelson (played by De'Lon Grant). While helplessly falling for the strident and beautiful rebel leader  he eventually begins to question his own allegiance to the Fed. Ultimately Jay must decide whether to remain loyal to the Fed or join forces with Zoe and the rebels to create a powerful strike against tyranny. “In addition to comic book fans Silver Circle will connect with anyone who has been paying attention to the Fiscal Cliff the liberty movement – which was officially formed around Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential bid – and American politics in general ” said director Pasha Roberts.  “Our animated indie film brings this story to a broader audience:  an audience who is excited to see a feature film which offers a deep look at the Federal Reserve and the power it wields.” “We are excited to be partnering with Pasha on Silver Circle ” said Area 23a co-founder Kirt Eftekhar. “The film tour will also include Q&As with celebrity panelists special edition comic book giveaways music performances and film-themed after parties.” The commercial presentation of the film follows special screenings and promotions throughout the country at Comic-Con conventions including NYC and New Orleans.  Roberts created the film with his independent animation studio Two Lanterns Media. ,3960
SMPTE Forms Study Group on Cinema Sound,2013-03-14,The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is establishing a group dedicated to cinema sound for the first time in over 30 years. The Technology Committee will be known as TC-25CSS and is one of a number of committees focused on digital cinema. The body has been established after a working group study identified wide differences in cinema sound. In the words of the new Chair it will “explore and standardize new sound measurement techniques with the goal of consistency in sound reproduction between the mixing stage and diverse cinema spaces.” In essence the committee will focus on updating standards for sound using new measurement techniques and standards to improve the quality and consistency of cinema sound for the consumer. SMPTE is the principal standards making and educational body for moving image in the cinema and associated industries (broadband cinema broadcast and IT). ,3961
Snackhaus Production Takes on Denim Fashion Video
,2013-03-14, When Snackhaus a creative content production company based in Los Angeles was putting together a video shoot for denim fashion brand Articles of Society director/cinematographer Chris Laughter realized there was a problem. The location an old house built in the 1920s up among the horse ranches near Santa Clarita California had a very poor electrical infrastructure and bringing in a large noisy generator was out of the question. In order to decrease his power draw while maintaining the quantity of lighting needed he turned to Litepanels.

“The location was perfect ” says Laughter “with great character and rustic charm it was just the look we wanted for our Spring/Summer 2013 Articles of Society videos but unfortunately the electrical wiring was equally rustic. Many of the outlets didn’t work or were unreliable. I knew Litepanels would be releasing their Sola 12 LED Fresnel soon and I thought it would be the perfect tool for this job since it only draws 350 Watts but outputs about 2K worth of light.” 

 The team at Snackhaus shot in 4K with the new Canon EOS-1D C cinema camera. “We were primarily shooting video for Articles of Society’s denim jeans line ” says Laughter “but by shooting in 4K we were able to deliver still photos for concurrent print and online promotions as well.” View the finished video at

 The Snackhaus team was chasing the sun and with twelve different setups they had a lot of ground to cover. “The small form factor of the 1D C allowed us to move quickly ” Laughter explains “but the Litepanels fixtures were just as quick and incredibly versatile. I had a bunch of Litepanels at my disposal: the Sola 12 LED Fresnel a Sola 4 LED Fresnel two 1x1 Bi-Colors and a Micro.”  Visit to watch a behind the scenes video on the making of the Articles of Society Denim Fashion Video. “We kept the Sola 12 attached to our longest stinger and our most reliable outlet for all of the interior shots because we kept moving it around the house and punching it through windows to create nice direct beams of daylight streaming through. We also brought it inside for one shot of our model doing some stretches on a rug. Even with the low ceiling in the house we were able to find a great angle and the Fresnel allowed us to focus the beam for a beautiful back light says Laughter. Even after running the Sola 12 for hours at a time our gaffer and key grip were able to adjust and reposition it quickly without gloves or any fear of burning themselves. Not to mention we didn’t have to worry about burning the low ceiling.”

 Roughly two-thirds of the setups were inside and for them Laughter deployed the 1x1 Bi-Color fixtures to light the model. “Having the option of adjusting the color temperature was great ” says Laughter. “With the Bi-Colors I was able to dial in the perfect balance of daylight and tungsten to give her a slightly warm look against the daylight from the Sola 12.” During one scene in the kitchen the model was making coffee with her back to the camera before walking over to the table and sitting down. Laughter decided he wanted to add a little light to accentuate the Articles of Society logo on her jeans. The gaffer quickly grabbed the Litepanels Sola 4 dropped in a 1/8 CTO gel and trimmed the light with the barndoors. “He handheld the Sola 4 about waist-high and tracked our model through the shot keeping the spot on the logo as she moved ” Laughter adds. “Being able to quickly grab a lightweight Fresnel that is cool enough to be operated handheld without gloves is great and we used it on multiple setups just like that. We even used the Sola 4 on a stand arm about eight inches from the lens to create some great flares a few times.” ,3962
Sony Digital Cinema Expands 3D Choices in Europe,2013-03-14, Sony Digital Cinema is expanding the choice of 3D technology in European countries to include two Sony DCI-compliant 4K projectors: the SRX-R320SP and the SRX-R515P. Each of the projectors will work alongside a polarizing filter system (the LKRA-005) and Sony’s unique 3D dual lenses. The 3D format together with the 4K projection will ensure an unparalleled picture quality allowing exhibitors and cinema owners to deliver a fully immersive entertainment experience.
The Sony Digital Cinema 4K advanced dual lens 3D system shows two images to both eyes simultaneously for a more natural “easy on the eye” viewing reflecting the way human vision works naturally.  The result gives a depth of field and experience so lifelike that viewers can feel like they are part of the action. Conventional single lens triple-flash 3D systems present the images to the left eye only and then the right eye only in total up to 144 times per second. The Sony 3D on 4K dual lens solution significantly reduces flicker which may be apparent to some viewers on alternative systems.
 David McIntosh senior vice president Sony Digital Cinema said “I believe the arrival of our new 3D system really cements Sony as the total solution provider for cinema. With the projection system server theatre management system remote monitoring and field support all available from Sony and our dealer partners we can deliver a truly superior visual experience for all our customers. Together with our VPF Program and finance solutions we are proud to continue to build our long term commitment to the Cinema industry.”
 Premiere Cinemas is the first cinema in Europe to be equipped with Sony Digital Cinema 3D. Located in the Park Hostivar shopping centre in Prague it will be able to support 3D films on four of its eight screens. David Jelinek of Premiere Cinemas said “The new Sony 3D Cinema solution has had a significant impact on our business. Not only does it mean we can offer a greater variety of content to customers but it helps bring the films to life making viewers feel closer to the action and creating a truly immersive viewing experience.”
 “For us the decision to select Sony Digital Cinema 3D was easy ” said David Horaček also of Premiere Cinemas. “As the only 4K multiplex in Prague we expect the quality of a 3D presentation to match that of our 2D screenings. With Sony Digital Cinema 3D we have achieved that goal and our customers can now enjoy the best movie experience possible in the Czech Republic.” ,3963
Christie Donates DCP Projector to California Community Center,2013-03-28,Christie has donated a digital cinema projector to help entertain the local community in the new Gianopulos Family Theater at the Wilson-Hanks Family Cultural Center  Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral California.  The theater is the latest addition to the Huffington Center  located in the Byzantine-Latino Quarter of Los Angeles.  A gala dedication ceremony took place last month  to unveil the new theater to the community and parishioners of St. Sophia and to celebrate all of the benefactors involved in the development of this new venue.  Christie will also be presented with a plaque that will be affixed to the theater in honor of its contribution to the center. “Christie is pleased to provide a truly meaningful gift that will assist the church in serving the community ” said Jack Kline president and COO Christie. “Movies offer a great medium for telling stories for sharing education culture and history and of course for entertaining. The Christie projector at the Wilson-Hanks Family Cultural Center is an integral part of the church and we feel it serves an important function because movies are also a great way to bring a community together under one roof to share in a magical experience.” A respected community institution Saint Sophia is a Greek Orthodox Cathedral committed to serving the needs of the people of Los Angeles. Its non-profit entity the Saint Sophia Foundation developed the Huffington Center as a dedicated place where community members can gather for celebrations meetings performances and special events.  Completed in February 2012 the new 53 000 square foot facility brings Los Angeles together in its banquet halls cultural center library museum basketball court and more. But there was one thing missing to fully complete the center as an all encompassing entertainment and events complex – a movie theater that could be used to host community events pre-release screenings and various third-party bookings. Blackstar Engineering worked with Christie’s Managed Services team to install the equipment for a new convertible movie theater for the Center. The installation included a Christie CP2230 digital cinema projector a Stewart Filmscreen projection screen and a new sound system – all of which were designed and integrated to fit flawlessly into the architecture of the Huffington Center’s gymnasium. “The idea to convert the gymnasium into a permanent fully-functional theater came later so the end goal was to allow for the gymnasium to host sports activities during the day and screen movies and other digital content in the evening and to make the transformation with a minimal need for any special technical assistance ” said Sean James vice president Managed Services Christie. “We had to do more than transform a basketball court complete with retractable baskets and bleachers into a dynamic and multipurpose venue. We also had to ensure that the room could be converted with as little effort as possible and that the theater would entertain an audience with the same degree of quality and comfort as a permanent theater.” According to Andrew G. Setos CEO of Blackstar Engineering and the lead designer who worked on the project Blackstar and Christie had to come up with solutions to overcome a number of technical and design challenges. This included adjusting the location of the retractable basketball supports to allow for enough room for the screen case and designing a projector pedestal that would keep the light path above the audience.  “The transformation of the venue required acoustic electrical sound system projection and other design disciplines to be brought to bear so that in the final result it would not sound and look like ‘a movie screen in a gym’ ” said Setos.  “Christie Managed Services took my team's design for the sound and picture aspects of the theater and realized it with top level professionalism. It has been a complete pleasure working with them to achieve this ambitious vision.” The installation was completed in January and the Christie DLP digital cinema projector is now lighting up a 36-foot-wide by 15-foot-high screen in brilliant color and high definition.  To convert the theater for screenings and events the bleachers are retracted theater flooring is placed over the hardwood court theater seating is installed the screen is lowered and the digital cinema equipment is powered on and ready to go.    “Everyone at the center is extremely happy with the final result and thoroughly impressed with the quality of the exhibition ” said Setos. “With all of the new upgrades we have developed a truly state-of-the-art facility.  This is a no-compromise 3D digital cinema and when the lights go down the experience of sound and picture is unsurpassed. This is owed in large part to the exceptional brightness afforded by the Christie projector which has been a central element to the systems’ performance.” At the dedication ceremonies a screening of the Oscar winning picture Life of Pi was shown in 3D to showcase the new abilities of the theater. Said George Preonas president of the St. Sophia Foundation: “We are very grateful for the generous donations we received for the theater from so many people; their vision and expertise has provided us a technological marvel.  The dedication ceremonies will be a time for us to show our deep appreciation for all of those involved in the project and to show off the theater’s potential for what it will offer to the community.  We are confident that it will be something our entire community can be proud of.”  ,3968
Harrison Ford to Receive CinemaCon’s 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award,2013-03-28,Legendary actor Harrison Ford will receive the CinemaCon Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s CinemaCon the convention’s managing director Mitch Neuhauser has announced. “With a career spanning five decades Harrison Ford has brought some of the most memorable characters of our time alive on the big screen ” noted Neuhauser. “From Han Solo to Indiana Jones he has showcased his innate ability to embrace and mold these remarkable roles into characters that will forever be remembered by movie lovers around the world for decades to come. We could not be more honored to present this years CinemaCon Lifetime Achievement Award to such a remarkable actor Harrison Ford.” In April Ford will be seen in Legendary Entertainment’s 42 as Branch Rickey the Major League Baseball executive who helped shatter baseball's color barrier by making Jackie Robinson the first African-American player in the MLB. And in the fall of 2013 Ford will star in the Robert Luketic thriller Paranoia. He can be seen later this year in Ender’s Game which is set for release by Summit Entertainment a Lionsgate company on November 1. The epic adventure film based on the best-selling award-winning novel stars Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff who along with the International Military is training the best young minds for an epic battle that will determine the future of Earth and save the human race. Ender’s Game also stars Ben Kingsley Asa Butterfield Hailee Steinfeld and Viola Davis with Abigail Breslin. Ford’s Hollywood career was launched following his portrayal of hot rod demon Bob Falfa in George Lucas’ 1973 Oscar-nominated hit American Graffiti.  Four years later he reunited with Lucas when he landed the now-legendary role of Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. In 1981 Ford brought Indiana Jones to life on the big screen for Steven Spielberg in the Best Picture-nominated Raiders of the Lost Ark reprising the heroic character in three sequels: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He earned an Academy Award nomination in 1986 for his compelling role as detective John Book in Witness. In 2000 the American Film Institute honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award. And in addition to receiving four nominations from the Hollywood Foreign Press for his roles in Sabrina The Fugitive The Mosquito Coast and Witness Ford was revered by the organization with the 2002 Cecil B. DeMille Award at the annual Golden Globes ceremony. His many other credits include Francis Coppola’s Oscar-nominated epic Apocalypse Now The Conversation Lucas’ Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi Ridley Scott’s iconic sci-fi classic Blade Runner Mike Nichols’ Oscar-nominated romantic comedy Working Girl and his 1991 drama Regarding Henry Patriot Games Clear and Present Danger Presumed Innocent Air Force One What Lies Beneath K-19: The Widowmaker Extraordinary Measures Morning Glory and Cowboys & Aliens. Several of these movies represent some of the highest-grossing films in their respective release years. CinemaCon will be held from April 15-18 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. ,3969
2013 Dimension 3 Festival to Accept 4K Content,2013-03-28, Dimension 3 Festival which is dedicated to independent stereoscopic 3D production has been showcasing new talent from all around the world for seven years. This year the festival which takes place in June in Seine-Saint-Denis France is accepting 4K content. The deadline for film submissions is April 26th.

 On June 20th about thirty films will be continuously screened at an evening ceremony with 400 professionals who will reward the best stereoscopic 3D and 4K content.

 Distributors producers and directors who wish to participate in the festival's competition must submit their content online in one of the following categories: - Fiction (feature film TV content short film) - Documentary
- Animation (one-off or series)
 - Live recording (concerts sports and other events)
 - Special formats (advertising corporate film graphical overlay music video theme park visual ride museum content)
 - Student Films Dimension 3 Festival 
Eclipse Cinemas First in Ireland to Convert to Sony 4K,2013-03-28, Eclipse Cinemas Bundoran has become the first cinema complex in Ireland to be fully converted to Sony 4K. Eclipse Cinemas are an Irish independent cinema group which have had 12 Sony 4K projectors installed across two of its three venues Bundoran in Counties Donegal & Downpatrick in County Down.
 The installation also means Eclipse Cinemas now has the ability to offer new services beyond traditional mainstream content such as comedy sports music theatre opera multi-user big screen gaming and cultural events. The organization already plans to screen live Irish sporting events such as Six Nations Rugby International Football and Gaelic Games offering customers an alternative solution to watching it at home that brings a taste of the atmosphere and occasion right inside the cinema.
  John O’Connell director of Eclipse Cinemas said “We are truly excited to be bringing the 4K offering to our customers. We always aim to go the extra mile and provide our customers with the best possible cinema experience and having Sony 4K projectors installed means we are taking it to a whole new level. Eclipse Cinemas’ customers can now enjoy the mainstream and alternative content with crystal clear picture quality and sound.”
 David McIntosh director Sony Europe said “Sony is delighted to partner with Eclipse Cinemas. Having 12 Sony 4K digital projector systems installed allows customers of Eclipse Cinemas to enjoy a full range of alternative content and blockbuster releases projected in outstanding picture quality. Eclipse Cinemas will also be offering Sony’s 3D solution across eight of its projectors allowing their customers to have the full 3D picture experience thanks to Sony’s cinema technology.”
  With Sony’s Virtual Print Fee (VPF) program the transition to digital cinema is easier and more affordable. Sony helps shoulder the costs for independent cinemas switching to 4K. Sony Digital Cinema works closely with major movie studios and distributors to subsidize the cost of exhibitors’ technology transition. Sony’s VPF program dramatically cuts capital investment and eases the cash flow as the audience enjoys the benefits of 4K projection from day one. ,3972
Installing Sophisticated Digital Signage in a Landmark Building,2013-03-28,Washington D.C.’s National Building Museum is hosting a major new exhibition House & Home which is running through spring 2017. House & Home presents an array of photos objects models and films that show visitors the remarkable changes in domestic life over the centuries and what it means to be at home in America. Installing all the technology for the exhibit was made more challenging by the fact that the museum is in a landmark building. Located just four blocks from the National Mall the National Building Museum is housed in its own landmark structure the former US Pension Bureau headquarters whose Italianate Great Hall features soaring 75-foot tall Corinthian columns and a magnificent terra cotta frieze.  House & Home designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates occupies seven second-floor galleries in the museum’s northwest corner. “The big challenge for us was working in a landmark building ” says Randy Sherwood engineering project manager for Electrosonic the company responsible for the installation.  “The museum is such a cool space and we had to work with the existing fabric of the building. We used existing lighting tracks to hang speakers in Galleries 5 and 7 because they wanted to avoid new penetrations in the red brick structure that was completed in 1887. In order to avoid acoustic issues it was imperative to keep the audio localized and at low levels because all the ceilings are domed.” Electrosonic designed fabricated programmed and installed equipment for selected galleries and trained the museum staff to operate and troubleshoot the installation. The company provided a total of six continuous-play video kiosks to three of the Living at Home galleries.  These galleries display hundreds of household goods used over the past several centuries from a butter churn and hand-painted screen door to a must-have fondue set and Farrah Fawcett poster.  Each kiosk features a portrait-mounted 32-inch open-frame i-Tech LCD monitor.  The video interface video player and an Ethernet-controlled power bar are mounted under the floor at the base of the kiosk and are accessible via a security cover. An Ethernet cable leads from the floor to the equipment rack located behind the screens in Gallery 5. Gallery 5 showcases Experience the Dwelling a mini-theater with bench seating where visitors watch Welcome Home a film projected onto two 16x9-foot screens configured in a V-shape.  Electrosonic furnished two Christie DHD670-E single-chip DLP projectors mounted from the ceiling at a height and angle designed to clear the seated audience.  Audio is delivered by four overhead-mounted JBL loudspeakers and controlled by a programmable DSP which feeds a 4-channel amplifier that connects to the speakers.  Video playback is from an Extron JMP 9600 2K which connects to the projectors via UTP interfaces.  Source equipment is rack mounted and housed behind the screens through an access-controlled door.  It also houses a computer with a purpose programmed control screen from which changes to the playback routines can be effected. The last gallery focuses on House and Community with developers contractors residents and real-estate agents giving visitors a look at six different communities.  Electrosonic supplied three 42-inch i-Tech LCD monitors and overhead-mounted Panphonics speakers which present two video programs on a continuous loop.  A BrightSign media player the PSU for the speakers and an Ethernet-controlled power bar are mounted within the wall at the monitoring room and accessible via a security cover.  A line level signal cable and PSU cable connect the overhead loudspeaker to the equipment within the wall.  The focused Panphonics speaker includes a built-in amplifier.  An Ethernet cable leads from within the wall to the equipment rack located behind the screens in Gallery 5. ,3973
FunTime Cinemas Converts Kendig Location to Digital Cinema ,2013-03-28,The FunTime Cinemas a specialty exhibitor with three cinemas in Pennsylvania has completed conversion to digital projection at its Kendig location using the Christie Solaria One.   “All six Kendig Square screens have Christie Solaria One projectors and the reaction from customers has been fantastic ” says Ronda Fitzsimmons president of FunTime Cinemas of Willow Street Pennsylvania. “They love the picture and sound improvements and were relieved that we had made the change and will remain in business in their area. We were already having some delays in getting film prints and many prints were coming in badly scratched so we were requesting replacement films more often. Digital format fixes this problem and in any case we knew film prints would be phased out completely by the end of the year.”   With cinemas in Kendig Square in Willow Street South York Plaza York and Colonial Park Mall Harrisburg FunTime Cinemas specialize in youth and family movies at economy prices. The company also offers private screenings and parties a customer newsletter and advertising opportunities for local businesses which are easier to include with digital.   Integrity Entertainment Systems installed the Solaria One. “We recommend the Christie Solaria One for smaller screens because it is the most cost-effective choice for quality screening adaptability and reliable support options ” says Gary Engvold president of Integrity. “With features such as the built-in media block the Solaria One can be easily upgraded to show high frame rate movies. Overall the Solaria One gives smaller exhibitors everything they need in a single purchase backed up with long-term support.”   “The Integrity people are really wonderful to work with and our representative bent over backwards to help me understand the things we absolutely had to have for digital to run plus advised me as to what extras made the most difference” says Fitzsimmons.  “Integrity’s installer was super helpful in guiding us through the new setup. I’m pleased with everything they’ve done for us and plan to use them in the future for the remaining locations we have to convert.”   Craig Sholder vice president entertainment solutions at Christie says that Christie is committed to helping the independents enjoy the same quality solutions as bigger exhibitors. “We want them to be able to achieve top quality digital projection at a price they can afford. Our Solaria One projector our global network of first-rate installation partners such as Integrity and our participation in industry programs to help them finance the change are just some of the ways we’re serving this important market sector.” ,3975
Hollywood Locations Now Representing LA County Metro ,2013-03-28,Hollywood Locations is now representing the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority when film television and commercial productions wish to utilize Metro owned property. Hollywood Locations has represented and marketed the regional transit hub Los Angeles Union Station for more than the last 13 years negotiating and coordinating over 1 000 film and event productions at the historic property. Some of the latest features to have filmed at the station are  The Dark Knight Rises  Friends with Benefits and Gangster Squad to name a few. We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to offering the numerous Metro properties and locations available for filming throughout Los Angeles County ” said Brian Brosnan co-owner. “Hollywood Locations portfolio manager Jeff Cooper will continue to be our on-site representative at Los Angeles Union Station and will now handle all filming requests for Metro's entire transit system.” Throughout the 23 years of the company's history many of the major real estate owners of the Class-A Downtown high-rise towers and commercial properties across the country have signed exclusive agency agreements with Hollywood Locations to represent and safeguard their interests in regards to filming. Brosnan along with his business partner Chris Ursitti are also the co-owners and managing partners of Los Angeles Center Studios a full service motion picture studio located on 20 acres in downtown Los Angeles.  Los Angeles Center Studios has been home to the Emmy Award winning TV series Mad Men for the past six seasons.