Movio Introduces Movio Media

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Fri, 04/10/2015 - 11:05 -- Nick Dager

Movio has introduced Movio Media. Designed for, and Beta-tested by, US film studios and distributors, Movio Media allows movie marketers to analyze and connect with the most avid moviegoers (those attending films six times a year or more) for more targeted messaging, interactive conversation and increased ROI.

With close to 16,000 screens (21 percent of the worldwide total) currently engaged in its highly regarded Movio Cinema platform, which maintains real-time, authoritative data on the loyalty activity and transactions of customers for many of the world’s biggest cinema chains, Movio captures the behavior of 30 million moviegoers. It operates in North America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, and is currently targeting Europe as well as emerging markets in Latin America and Asia Pacific.  Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Movio has offices in London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Sydney and Shanghai.   

Now, with Movio Media, the company turns its attention to the studio and distribution end of the cinema spectrum. Thanks to big data and successful algorithms, Movio Media revolutionizes the way the film industry interacts with moviegoers allowing movie marketers to find the people who will want to see a film and engage with them in a profound way. Recency, frequency and monetary value are just some of the insights offered. A marketing executive can determine:

When do people go the movies?  Do they go opening weekend?  How many days before they get to the theater? What are the actual demographic breakdowns? Get access to unique insights, highlighting what stands out within the audience explored.  Movio Media helps eliminate the guesswork and ambiguity and tells a studio what is actually going on amongst the movie-going audience.

Studio research and marketing departments get an awful lot right. But as with any projection, there is a margin of error, which might mean millions of dollars in unrealized ROI. Movio Media helps cut down that margin of error by making a marketing spend more targeted and more effective. Real-time insights into audiences allow marketing strategies to pivot almost instantly to maximize a movie’s full potential. Over and above data insights, Movio Media has the ability to bridge the gap between studios and moviegoers. Studios will be able to isolate an exact target audience and activate them via exhibition loyalty programs delivering precise content and rewarding engagement.

“Now movie marketers can work with the actual, real time feedback of millions of people,” says Movio CEO William Palmer. “Movio Media can be utilized in a multitude of ways, including market research through polling, surveys, fine tune trailers through testing, and providing interactive communication with the moviegoer. That’s why our studio and distribution partners are so excited. The days of having interns with clip boards at the back of a preview screening are over. Movio Media aggregates data across a region to provide film distributors and studios with comprehensive market data, delivering crucial audience insights and innovative campaign solutions never before available.”

The underlying premise driving Movio's growth is the increasing realization by the film industry that data generated about moviegoers at point-of-sale are invaluable assets. Prior to co-founding Movio in 2010, William Palmer and his partner, Peter Beguely, ran an agency in New Zealand specializing in loyalty programs, data analytics, and campaign management. Since starting Movio and working with many of the world’s leading cinema exhibitors, he realized that studio marketing departments were designing and executing campaigns based on limited information. 

"While it is early days, we are impressed by the breadth and depth of demographic and transactional data about active moviegoers available in the Movio Media platform, as well as the ability to contact these individuals and track their activity right through to purchasing tickets," says Lewis Oberlander, senior vice president market research at Warner Bros. Pictures Inc.

Longtime Movio Cinema customer Ken Thewes CMO at Regal Entertainment Group says, “At Regal Entertainment Group, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the film industry, so our partnership with Movio is a perfect fit. Having built the largest cinema chain in the US we have always needed to evolve and embrace new ideas, data and technology. I strongly believe that Movio Media will help transform the film industry providing movie-going insights we've never seen before.”