MoPix Launches Digital Distribution Platform for Independent Filmmakers

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Fri, 08/31/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

MoPix has announced the MoPix platform a new framework for filmmakers to generate brand distribute and sell DVD-like video through the MoPix Library iTunes App Store Google Play or on Web sites via widgets. Additional mobile platforms and storefronts as well as set-top box/Connected TVs will also be supported in the near future. MoPix says this gives filmmakers a turnkey solution for not only creating and monetizing video and related content but also brings powerful functionality like in-app purchases analytics push notifications and more to the world of film. The company also announced it is the new digital distribution engine for Film Baby a division of CD Baby. The community’s more than 2 000 films will soon be available within the MoPix Library. “Our cutting-edge digital content delivery system makes it easy for anyone who owns content –movie studios independent producers fitness instructors or culinary professionals – to easily brand distribute and sell their work broadly to fans with a mobile device and Internet connection ” said Ryan Stoner CEO of MoPix. “Digital downloads embeddable widgets and apps provide a significantly more dynamic personal experience to movie watchers versus a packaged DVD or download. It’s exciting to think about how smaller filmmakers can be among the first to utilize dynamic digital offerings in their marketing and video distribution strategy. This will raise the bar on viewer engagement convenience and experience for the whole industry.”
 Filmmakers can upload a video along with a wide range of featured content including “behind the scenes” footage scripts and other PDF documents and photo galleries. The platform is built to support film distribution but also can be used for marketing and promotions to enable a constant interaction between the film property and fans from pre-production to film release. What’s more publishers keep control of their audience interaction and price structure even retaining as much as 100 percent of their revenue.

 “Using MoPix we are able to distribute The Silver Goat to audiences across the globe ” said
 Paula Vaccaro producer at Pinball London. “As a film producer having a film with worldwide audience potential is really promising. It’s nice to know you are no longer at the mercy of sales agents or a big studio to get your film out to the masses. You can do it yourself without sacrificing quality or putting up with rules by gatekeepers.”

 “It is incredibly difficult for independent filmmakers and alternative video content creators to distribute their films digitally ” added Stoner. “With MoPix these artists will be able to fulfill their dreams – without worrying about securing enormous amounts of capital or signing over control of their work.”

 The MoPix platform supports a broad number of viewing devices ensuring playback across platforms. Just like Special Edition DVD releases MoPix provides fans with premium content including outtakes director’s commentary and more. Viewers can also broadcast the content they own in HD via Airplay-enabled devices with further set top box support coming soon. Fans can even interact with content creators and friends in the MoPix enabled communities.

The Film Baby library of content will be available in the MoPix library beginning in December.