Marquise Technologies Adds New DCI Mastering Features to Mist

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Wed, 03/28/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Marquise Technologies has added new DCI mastering features for its digital intermediates deck Mist. The DCI mastering is an option providing a tool-set of functionalities for mastering and encoding a DCP in real-time. The assembling of the elements needed for the package and their control are done naturally in the Mist Time Line giving the ability to control the process at any time. Whatever the digital source master is made of no need to pre-transcode as Mist works natively with all major formats including DPX TIFF Apple ProRes QuickTime Sony XDCam or H264 from DSLRs like Canon 5D independently of resolution or frame rate. The editing afterthoughts or modifications of the master are always possible through the management of all DCP assets (video audio subtitles) in a traditional timeline. The subtitles are fully supported with the ability to read and edit them leaving the choice of either export them in the DC package or to burn them in the image. The final encoding of the DCP is done with all precautions for ensuring the integrity of the deliverables and their internationalization through the aid of DCP's name creation tool and the support of facility code tables. Encoding is real-time in 2K and also available for 4K accelerated by a JPEG2000 encoder board. Flexibility remains with the manipulation of DCPs: the same hardware allows a real-time playback of the DCP. The versioning and repackaging of the files are managed like any other projects including the MXF Interop (or MPEG Interop) support for new standard changes. Mist allowing the export and output to any media and format the DCP support was a natural step. Mist is now the most comprehensive tool on the market from the acquisition and processing of dailies to the media conforming and finally the broadcast and DCI mastering says Laurence Stoll CEO at Marquise Technologies. The DCP encryption features and KDM management tools will be available this summer.