Marquise Sells Ocean Telecine Controllers in France and Russia

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Fri, 09/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Marquise Technologies has announced the installation of Ocean Telecine controllers at Eclair Laboratoires and Arane Gulliver in France as well as one at Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive in Moscow. Eclair Laboratoires the largest Film Lab in France chose Ocean to pilot their Spirit Classic telecine. The decision was based on very specific criteria: integration in a demanding environment versatility smooth learning curve and reliability. Even though most of the works intended for Ocean are dailies HD transfers and simple archive transfers Eclair chose to add the Secondary Color Correction option of Ocean in order to be able to make real-time on-line intensive grading sessions from tapes when the need arises. Arane Gulliver one of the few labs in the world able to work with 70 mm film stock designated Ocean not only as a dailies transfer workhorse but also as a quality control and color analyzer solution for their film prints. In Moscow at the Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive Ocean is used to pilot a Millennium HD telecine in order to transfer to tapes several parts of film documentaries. These three new client installations illustrate very well the versatility of Ocean as a universal telecine controller not only in terms of telecine support variety ranging from DFT Spirit to Cintel Ursa but also in workflows diversity: film or commercial dailies archives transfers or color analysis a whole world of possibilities that Ocean can embrace effectively easily and in real time said Laurence Stoll CEO of Marquise Technologies. Ocean is available in two different versions: Light Ocean for the remote control of the telecine parameters and Ocean adding digital color corrections and data transfer capabilities.