Market Force Information Unveils Weekly Syndicated Trailer Report

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Tue, 03/13/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Market Force Information has unveiled a new weekly Syndicated Trailer Report that includes data on trailer placements from nearly all Hollywood studios and a new Customer Intelligence Platform for Theatre that provides a number of flexible and graphical theatre reports.   
  In today’s competitive trailer placement environment it’s never been more important for studios to verify their own trailers are being shown and to have insight into their competitors’ trailers placements. Market Force’s Syndicated Trailer Report gives studios the reliable and timely data they need to strategically market their movie trailers. 
  “Preview trailers are proven to help both distribution and exhibition so it’s critical for studios to ensure they’re being shown when and where they’re supposed to ” says Jim Radcliff president of theatrical services at Market Force. “Our new Syndicated Trailer Reports give studios the strategic ammunition they need in the fiercely competitive world of trailer placements. They can use the information provided in the reports to see if the circuits are taking care of them and if not to see which of their competitors are being taken care of.”
  Also new from Market Force is the Customer Intelligence Platform for Theatre an advanced graphical reporting system that provides data and analysis on audit points such as trailer placements theatre and trailer trending and audience reactions. The Customer Intelligence Platform for Theatre empowers quick operational-decision making by providing real-time data that allows studios to see results as they happen across North America or to drill down to the individual theatre level.
  “Speed-to-data isn’t just virtue in the motion picture industry it’s a necessity to drive business decisions that maximize revenue potential ” says Radcliff. “Our reports are comprehensive easy to consume and above all they’re delivered faster than others with first-show reports available in real time beginning on Friday and virtually all reporting available through the system by the end of the weekend.”
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