Malco Signs VPF Deal with Cinedigm

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Fri, 07/08/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Malco Theatres has signed a long-term virtual print fee deployment agreement with Cinedigm Digital Cinema. Malco will be providing its own financing in the Cinedigm exhibitor-buyer deal structure.  The rollout featuring Barco digital projectors and Dolby media players comprises 278 screens in 24 sites and should be completed by early 2012. “After considering all of our options we are confident that we have made the best choice for Malco Theatres to move forward with Cinedigm for our digital cinema deployment program ” says Bobby Levy executive vice president.  “We are looking forward to taking full advantage of everything Cinedigm has to offer to continue to provide the finest in motion picture entertainment the highest quality digital cinema presentation and most of all Malco’s exceptional service to our loyal customers.” A fourth generation movie theatre chain Malco has remained family owned and operated for over nine decades. The company operates 323 screens at 30 locations in five states including Arkansas Kentucky Mississippi Missouri and Tennessee. Malco is one of the finest movie theatre operations in the country second to none says Chuck Goldwater president media services group.  “Their reputation for outstanding performance both technically and operationally as well as their decades of commitment to the communities in which they operate exemplifies the best the exhibition industry has to offer.  With their commitment now to digital cinema Malco will further enhance the quality of their theatres for decades more to come. “It has been a pleasure working with the Malco team throughout the deal process says Gary Loffredo Cinedigm's general counsel and corporate senior vice president business affairs.  Cinedigm takes great pride in working with our exhibitor partners to develop a digital cinema deal program that meets their requirements.  We look forward to developing even more opportunities with Malco utilizing the full menu of Cinedigm digital applications featuring our software and alternative content programming. Photo by Joe Mazzola Cinedigm