MACCS International and XDC Create DCinema Hub

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Sun, 11/13/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

MACCS International and XDC have created DCinema Hub a joint-venture company to provide a universal one-stop platform to enable the ordering delivery and fulfillment of digital cinema. The platform will consist of four key elements: Content store in order to facilitate the direct order of movies dispatch instructions about digital copy creation and delivery key creation Trusted Device List and relation management. Bert Huls CEO of MACCS International says DCinema Hub is a revolutionary service that we are very excited to launch together with a partner like XDC which has always been a pioneer in advanced digital cinema technology and services. DCinema Hub will create and maintain a central storage where over time a library of all available digital copies will be built up. Exhibitors will order any movie available in the library after which DCinema Hub will initiate the delivery process of the digital copy through the appropriate channel. Instructions for hard drive preparation will be sent to third-party labs while DCinema Hub will automatically process the electronic delivery via satellite (all major networks will be supported) or broadband Internet. DCinema Hub will also generate and distribute keys to unlock the digital copies. We have already received a very positive feedback from distributors since DCinema Hub will tremendously ease their operations by acting as a single point of contact and an automatic delivery platform. We are very proud to have found MACCS as a partner in this ground breaking service says Serge Plasch CEO of XDC. Today the majority of the technical issues in the cinemas are related to wrong keys generated from non accurate screen info. Therefore DCinema Hub has developed a unique push and pull technology that will automatically create and maintain a global Trusted Device List of all cinema's that want to participate. This global TDL has always been the ultimate dream of the digital cinema industry and DCinema Hub is the answer. Because of the importance for the development of Digital Cinema DCinema Hub will be open to any stakeholder in the industry including trusted third parties. DCinema Hub XDC