Luxology’s modo 601 Now Available

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Tue, 03/13/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Luxology has announced the immediate availability of modo 601 its award-winning artist-friendly 3D content creation software. modo 601 includes character animation built-in dynamics volumetric rendering and enhanced retopology modeling tools along with a host of other new capabilities.   “modo 601 is our most significant release ever ” says Brad Peebler president and co-founder of Luxology. “With new feature and workflow enhancements modo now offers an end-to-end production solution that is both powerful and highly usable by artists and designers.” “Throughout my 18 years in the 3D business I've never seen a 3D software application become so powerful so fast ” says Dan Ablan president –of AGA Digital Studios. “The additions to modo 601 are mind blowing and the render boolean function blobs and new deformer tools are absolutely invaluable.” This is character animation done right ” says Greg Brown beta tester and senior CGI artist at Alter. “We've all been holding our breath for this one and it was definitely worth the wait.”

modo 601 is available immediately for both Mac OS X and Windows at $1 195 with an upgrade price of $495. Existing modo owners can upgrade for $395 for the next two weeks.  Also for a limited time users of Maya 3ds Max SoftImage Houdini CINEMA 4D and LightWave 3D are offered a crossgrade to modo for just $795. modo 601 is available from Luxology and its network of authorized Luxology resellers around the globe.
 Luxology ,3159
Market Force Information Unveils Weekly Syndicated Trailer Report,2012-03-14, Market Force Information has unveiled a new weekly Syndicated Trailer Report that includes data on trailer placements from nearly all Hollywood studios and a new Customer Intelligence Platform for Theatre that provides a number of flexible and graphical theatre reports.   
  In today’s competitive trailer placement environment it’s never been more important for studios to verify their own trailers are being shown and to have insight into their competitors’ trailers placements. Market Force’s Syndicated Trailer Report gives studios the reliable and timely data they need to strategically market their movie trailers. 
  “Preview trailers are proven to help both distribution and exhibition so it’s critical for studios to ensure they’re being shown when and where they’re supposed to ” says Jim Radcliff president of theatrical services at Market Force. “Our new Syndicated Trailer Reports give studios the strategic ammunition they need in the fiercely competitive world of trailer placements. They can use the information provided in the reports to see if the circuits are taking care of them and if not to see which of their competitors are being taken care of.”
  Also new from Market Force is the Customer Intelligence Platform for Theatre an advanced graphical reporting system that provides data and analysis on audit points such as trailer placements theatre and trailer trending and audience reactions. The Customer Intelligence Platform for Theatre empowers quick operational-decision making by providing real-time data that allows studios to see results as they happen across North America or to drill down to the individual theatre level.
  “Speed-to-data isn’t just virtue in the motion picture industry it’s a necessity to drive business decisions that maximize revenue potential ” says Radcliff. “Our reports are comprehensive easy to consume and above all they’re delivered faster than others with first-show reports available in real time beginning on Friday and virtually all reporting available through the system by the end of the weekend.”
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3D Visual Enterprises Acquires Meduza Systems,2012-03-14,UK based 3D Visual Enterprises has acquired 100 percent of Meduza Systems the Irvine California based developer of the 3D cameras the Meduza Titan and the Meduza MK1. Chris Cary CEO of the newly formed combined company made the announcement. The company is being re-named Meduza Systems Ltd. The new executive team includes the appointments of consultants Matt Whalen imaging and color scientist and Al Mayer chief mechanical engineer and program manager.  Meduza Systems retains offices in London England and Irvine. Prior to the acquisition 3D Visual Enterprises was the financial marketing and distribution arm of the company while Meduza Systems focused on research and development.   All activities will now be integrated under one company umbrella which will also be responsible for all international and domestic US operations and global marketing efforts.  “With the consolidation we are now better positioned to serve our customers by providing the best 3D camera and localized support systems ” says Cary. The company’s restructuring arrives just one year after Meduza Systems’ debut at NAB last April. At the show the company also introduced the Delta 4K S3D Meduza Lenses the first 38mm diameter matched pair 3D lenses. In October Meduza Systems previewed the Titan which it says is the first fully controllable lightweight 3D precision single HD camera with 2K dual sensors outputting dual1080p. “By consolidating 3D Visual Enterprises and Meduza Systems we have simplified and streamlined our operations and corporate structure ” says Meduza Systems COO Jon Kitzen (retaining the position he held at former company).  “We look forward to our continued innovation growth and success with the delivery rollout of our product line.” Whalen has been engaged and working on the Meduza Systems technology since its inception.  Among the vast range of Whalen’s extensive expertise in image sensor evaluation and image processing development are consumer products for clients including AT&T Videophone Silicon Film’s eFilm cartridge digital cinema product development for Red Cisco Telepresence and additionally in the medical field the Smith and Nephew HD endoscopy camera.  Whalen has formerly served in senior technical positions with Lucent/ Bell Labs Conexant and SiliconFilm Technologies and currently holds more than ten patents in the areas of lightwave and digital camera technology.   “As broadcast and entertainment media technologies evolve toward immersive viewing a transformation is occurring in image capture devices ” says Whalen. “Meduza Systems is at the leading edge of this wave.” Mayer has been instrumental in driving the Meduza camera design from invention prototype to completion in just 365 days.  Over his 28 year professional career Mayer has been responsible for the design management and technical marketing of many of the world’s leading motion picture and television camera systems both film and digital.  He holds US patents and provisional patents in camera design wireless hand held remote control systems and 3D projection systems. Mayer was the program/project manager chief industrial designer and chief design engineer for Panavision’s Panaflex Millennium XL for which he and his design team received an Academy Award and Primetime Emmy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement.  He was also responsible for the mechanical design and ergonomics of the world’s first high end full chip digital camera system Genesis a joint venture between Panavision and Sony a winner of a Primetime Emmy Award for technical achievement.   “It’s a pleasure to work with all of the professionals at Meduza in the creation of the state-of-the-art 3D camera system developed for the broadcast and motion picture industry ” says Mayer.  “The speed and agility of the group allowed us to come to market in a very accelerated and aggressive time frame.” “Both Matt and Al have years of invaluable experience in the high tech imaging industry and are at the top of their respective fields ” says Cary.  “We are excited to have them on board at our company where their skills are critical to the successful production and marketing of The Titan the MK I and our other new products.” ,3161
Casablanca’s 70th Anniversary Celebrated in Theatres March 21,2012-03-14, The quintessential Hollywood love story returns to the big screen this spring as Turner Classic Movies Presents Casablanca 70th Anniversary Event on March 21 at 7:00 pm local time with special matinees in select theatres. Movie audiences in theatres nationwide will be able to experience the time-honored classic in a digital presentation by NCM Fathom Events Turner Classic Movies and Warner Home Video. The event will be broadcast to nearly 500 select movie theatres across the country. The event will be introduced by TCM host Robert Osborne who will discuss Casablanca’s enduring legacy and reveal some of its fascinating behind-the-scenes stories. Casablanca starred Humphrey Bogart Ingrid Bergman and Paul Henreid and became one of the most romantic films in the history of cinema. It won three Academy Awards in 1944 including Best Picture Best Director and Best Screenplay.

 Movie critic Leonard Maltin has called Casablanca “the best Hollywood movie of all time.” The American Film Institute voted it the screen’s greatest love story and the No. 3 film of all time. The film’s characters dialogue and music have all become iconic in Hollywood movie history. “There are few things more thrilling for movie lovers than being able to experience a true classic like Casablanca the way it was originally intended: on the big screen ” says Dennis Adamovich senior vice president of brand and digital activation for TCM TNT and TBS. “We’re proud to take part in this exciting event as we extend the magic of Turner Classic Movies to theatres across the country.”

 Casablanca: easy to enter but much harder to leave especially if you're wanted by the Nazis. Such a man is Resistance leader Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid) whose only hope is Rick Blaine (Bogart) a cynical American who sticks his neck out for no one – especially Victor's wife Ilsa (Bergman) the ex-lover who broke his heart. Ilsa offers herself in exchange for Laszlo's transport out of the country and bitter Rick must decide what counts more: personal happiness or countless lives hanging in the balance. 

 “Like many I have fond memories of watching Casablanca with my family ” says Shelly Maxwell executive vice president of Fathom Events. “Fans of this timeless cinematic treasure won’t want to miss this one-time opportunity to experience Casablanca on the big screen once again as Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman take us back to the golden age of Hollywood.” Turner Classic Movies Presents Casablanca 70th Anniversary Event is the third recent classic anniversary event presented in theatres by NCM Fathom Events including the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz and 50th anniversary of West Side Story. 

Warner Home Video will release Casablanca 70th Anniversary Edition on March 27 featuring a three-disc limited and numbered gift set including the re-mastered feature on both Blu-ray and DVD with more than 14 hours of bonus material. The keepsake box also includes a compilation of three comprehensive feature length documentaries a hard cover 62-page book with never-before-seen on-set photography sketches and production history a reproduction of the original 1942 French theatrical poster as well as a collectible set of drink coasters. ,3162
PenFed Foundation Holds Video Contest to Honor Military Caregivers 
,2012-03-14,The Pentagon Federal Credit Union Foundation (PenFed Foundation) a nationally recognized nonprofit organization working to meet the unmet needs of military personnel and their families is holding a video contest to find a caregiver of a wounded service member or veteran who will be honored as the “hero at home” at its Eighth Annual Night of Heroes Gala later this year. The public will help choose the winner on YouTube. “Too often we forget the courage and sacrifice of family members and friends who help our wounded service members and veterans ” says Kate Kohler chief operating officer of the PenFed Foundation and a former U.S. Army captain. “We hope that by encouraging caregivers of our military to share their stories on YouTube more Americans will recognize their contributions.” Under the Hero at Home Video Contest the caregiver depicted in the most compelling YouTube video submitted will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Washington D.C. and receive the Hero at Home award at the PenFed Foundation’s Eighth Annual Night of Heroes Gala on May 24 2012. This year’s gala will honor family and friends who care for wounded military heroes while they are recuperating from the hospital and after they return home. To enter contestants must upload on YouTube a one- to two-minute video about a “hero at home” who went above and beyond to care for an injured service member or veteran then complete the entry form at with the URL of the video. Contestants must also “like” the PenFed Foundation’s official fan page on Facebook. Service members veterans their caregivers or a third party can make nominations. All submitted videos will be featured on the PenFed Foundation’s YouTube page. Entries will be accepted between March 1 and April 12. Five finalists will be announced on April 16 and the public will be invited to help choose the winner on the PenFed Foundation’s YouTube finalist’s page at through April 22 by liking their favorite video. The finalist with the most likes will win. An official announcement will be made on April 23. Last year’s gala brought together more than 500 corporate defense and congressional leaders and several distinguished service members have already begun preparing for this year’s event. In addition to General Barry R. McCaffrey USA (Ret.) returning for the eighth year as the awards presenter Joe Mantegna American actor producer writer and director  will receive the American Hero Award. The Defense Credit Union Council and credit union partners of the PenFed Foundation’s Asset Recovery Kit (ARK) program will receive the Community Hero Award. Jim Miklaszewski NBC chief Pentagon correspondent will serve as the master of ceremonies. “Our guests at the Night of Heroes Gala in the past have included wounded veterans and military from across the country national leaders and elected officials ” says Kohler. “But we feel that this year’s hero at home may end up being the most special of all.” ,3163
Maryland’s Phoenix Big Cinemas Marlow Cinema 6 Open Again,2012-03-14,Phoenix Big Cinemas Marlow Cinema 6 reopened to the public last week after being closed for a short time. During the temporary closure the property underwent some changes including the introduction of Phoenix Big Cinemas management to operate and manage the cinema. In the upcoming months the property will also be equipped with brand new digital projection digital 3D new cinema seating and undergo other internal improvements. The Marlow Cinema has been a staple theatre in the community for years. We've only just started the renovation process but I think guests will already see an amazing improvement in the atmosphere and entertainment experience they'll have at the theatre says Phil Zacheretti president of Phoenix Big Cinemas Management. And with continued enhancements in the following weeks such as new seating cinema upgrades and the addition of state-of-the-art digital projection and digital 3D the theatre will once again be a great community theatre. The six-screen theatre is situated in the Marlow Heights Shopping Center in Temple Hills Maryland. Knoxville-based Phoenix Big Cinemas Management will manage the cinema which also manages the Phoenix Theatres Worldgate 9 Theatre in Herndon VA and Big Cinemas Loehmann's Twin in Falls Church VA.  Phoenix Big Cinemas Management currently manages 24 theatres with a total of 176 screens in 14 states throughout North America. ,3164
VW Scheich's Film Wallenda Accepted for Cleveland International Film Festival ,2012-03-14,VW Scheich's new short film about Karl Wallenda's first high wire performance has just been accepted at the Academy-Award qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival. Scheich knew that his short film Wallenda – now on the festival circuit – was an ambitious project from the beginning since it was going to be shot against a green screen and all of its distinctive backgrounds – a German tavern circus tent and an opera house – were to be created in post using computer graphics. To meet the VFX challenges of this project (more than 250 VFX shots) and to ensure that he spent his limited shooting days getting the footage he needed for the final edit of the film Scheich spent a great deal of time pre-visualizing the short film using FrameForge Previz Studio. FrameForge Previz Studio 3D was essential to this film's success says Scheich. “Unlike traditional storyboards FrameForge allowed me to use real world camera angles and lenses in planning each shot which was invaluable in shooting in a confined green-screen environment. I was able to determine not just what shots I wanted but actually how to shoot them. I quickly discovered that while some angles worked others needed significant adjustments. By making these changes in preproduction rather than on the set it saved us a huge amount of time and money.” The production team also used a novel approach of having two sets of printed FrameForge storyboards during the shoot. The first version which was for the crew showed the actual green screen stage so everyone could easily and quickly plan for the next setup. The second set of storyboards showed each shot but with the final backgrounds in place so that the actors had a much better sense of the final look of the scene which really helped them visualize themselves in the setting and inspired their acting. “One of the best decisions I ever made on my film Wallenda was using FrameForge Previz Studio 3D at the start of my project because without it we might never have finished the film at all ” Scheich says. He says that he'd originally intended to shoot Wallenda in stereoscopic 3D since he felt that a film about a high wire walker naturally lent itself to stunning images of heights and depths that would be truly enhanced by the third dimension. But after he used FrameForge's S3D capabilities to plan the shoot using a stereo rig he realized that doing so would dramatically change the look of the film and require much more time and money to complete. This led Scheich to make the crucial decision not to shoot in stereoscopic 3D since it just wouldn't fit into their budget and he opted to shoot with a mono camera rig instead. “Using FrameForge 3D is like having 20/20 hindsight ” Scheich added. “I worked in a post production facility for many years and all these problems we had to fix in post I was able to fix in my preproduction planning before they ever happened. I can't imagine doing another film without it.” The 36th Cleveland International Film Festival runs March 22-April 1 in downtown Cleveland Ohio. ,3167
XDC Acquires Bewegte Bilder Medien AG,2012-03-14, XDC has acquired German-based content service provider Bewegte Bilder Medien AG which was founded by Carsten Schuffert.

 Fabrice Testa vice president distribution services at XDC says Having known Carsten for so many years it's a tremendous pleasure to welcome him and his team within the XDC family. Bewegte Bilder will be an important pillar within our content services and delivery unit that Carsten will lead from now onwards.

 The content services and delivery unit is aimed at the preparation of digital content and its dispatch to the cinemas via satellite hard drive or cable. By adding new services through Bewegte Bilder the company will now also be able to offer a wide range of post-production services such as scanning and color timing. Bewegte Bilder has been a fundamental contributor to the expansion of the Eutelsat DSAT-network and creator of the well-known distribution platform DirectCinema. 

Carsten Schuffert vice president content services and delivery at XDC says The joined forces with XDC will bring a significant improvement to all customers by adding the pan-European scope to our services. Our team is happy to bring its expertise to XDC Group and also to share XDC's long term experience.

 This acquisition will open up new possibilities for XDC Group according to Serge Plasch CEO of XDC who says We are really happy to have been able to achieve this deal which will reinforce significantly our content service proposition. We are one of the major European digital content labs able to offer one-stop fast reliable and quality services to major and independent distributors. We have now three major content hubs in Belgium Germany and France with logistical relays in 13 other European territories. Before the end of 2012 we should have three to five additional content hubs. No other company is able to offer such unique local service. ,3168
New Cineplex Opens at Putrajaya Wetlands Park Malaysia
,2012-03-29, A new cineplex has opened at the Putrajaya Wetlands Park in Malaysia. The largest manmade area of freshwater wetland in Southeast Asia Putrajaya Wetlands Park has been conceived as a protected natural habitat in which rare breeds of flora and fauna can establish themselves and flourish without the threat of upheaval from other human activity. The wetlands cover an area of more than 200 hectares and human access is carefully controlled.
 At the heart of the park is a new cineplex where visitors to the wetlands can view educational films about the park and the topic of protecting the environment generally. The cinema uses immersive technology and it’s here that 7thSense’s high-end media serving expertise has come to the fore.
 Azlan Jizam at VR Solutions was the systems integrator responsible for designing and installing the AV technology at the Putrajaya Cineplex. He worked with Mint Plaza Sdn Bhd the main contractor responsible for the entire Putrajaya Wetlands Park upgrade and says “The project uses a very large 240-degrees cylindrical screen so that the audience feels truly ‘immersed’ in the video content. The screen is driven by five HD projectors blended together to create a single ‘canvas’ more than 5 megapixels in resolution.
  “The system uses uncompressed raw video and 7thSense’s Delta solution is one of the few technologies available that can deliver blend warp and process multiple images without compression or any related loss of data integrity. We also wanted to the system to be future-proof in the advent of a 3D capability being added down the line and Delta fitted the bill here as well ” Jizam says.
As well as specifying and programming the 7thSense Design system VR Solutions designed and installed a fibre-optic backbone to transmit the AV data from the control room to the projectors along with a 7.1-channel surround-sound audio system. 
  “The ability of Delta to deliver high-end projected media across any surface – whether flat curved full-dome or indeed any non-standard shape – continues to find favour among integrators and AV technology consultants all over the world ” says 7thSense Design direcpr Ian Macpherson.
“What is particularly pleasing about the Putrajaya Wetlands project is the fact that it was delivered by a locally based integrator in time and on budget and has truly broken new ground in the Malaysian market – not just in terms of the technology used but in terms of the highly original and environmentally educational content ” he says.
32Ten Studios Launches Professional Workshop Series,2012-03-29, Stage rental and practical effects house 32Ten Studios Marin California has launched a Professional Workshop Series. This new series of educational hands-on gatherings has been designed to help filmmakers game designers and a variety of entertainment industry professionals further their technical and theoretical application of production and post-production skills while also teaching the art and craft behind those disciplines to filmmaking enthusiasts.

 The first Professional Workshop program entitled From Green Screen to Silver Screen was held March 31 and was designed for educators and film enthusiasts. Vince de Quattro who has just been named as the director of artist development for 32Ten Studios led the session. De Quattro will also lead another event in the series Production Workshop on a recurring basis starting March 22.  This three-hour evening workshop is designed for both independent filmmakers and producers looking to understand the animation and effects marketplace as well as young artists looking to assume roles as production assistants production coordinators and ultimately producers in the feature animation and post-production VFX industry. These sessions will feature production training in bidding artist management the culture of the hybridized art/technical entertainment industry and other guidance for producers of short film commercial and music videos in today's digital arena. The third event in the Professional Workshop Series will be a presentation entitled Models and Miniatures in a Digital Age by Fon Davis on April 4. During this presentation Davis will discuss the considerations when deciding on a scale for the model choice of materials and level of detail. He will show examples of when miniatures are the best option over live action or CG and explain the reasons why. Lastly he will unveil the tricks of the trade that artists use to make models and miniatures look full scale and completely realistic.

 Future such Professional Workshop events are slated to include such topics as Visual Design Crane Operation Pre-Visualization Technologies High Resolution Camera Technology Motion Capture Motion Control Stereography and Pyrotechnics. These workshops will be posted at 

Tim Partridge president and CEO of 32Ten Studios says “Our vision for 32Ten Studios is for our historic site to serve as a creative hub for the Marin County and Northern California filmmaking community.  We also intend to provide the community with the opportunity for continued learning of new production technologies and techniques with this series of regularly scheduled workshops.” 
  Adds David Tanaka sectional chairman Bay Area for The Visual Effects Society says “The Visual Effects Society Bay Area Section is very excited as to the creation of 32Ten Studios. The services they will be offering to the entertainment industry at large and the potential opportunities they hold for skilled artists and technicians throughout the Bay Area are endeavors the VES Bay Area surely supports. The founders of 32Ten are all former colleagues and acquaintances to many in the VES membership and their company name which bears a familiar address to many of us in the VFX industry is of special significance. The VES Bay Area Board of Directors looks forward to collectively sharing in 32Ten's local community outreach and to collaborating with them on future projects including their Professional Workshop Series and other upcoming educational events.” 

Prior to joining 32Ten Studios De Quattro served as the online director of animation and visual effects for the Academy of Art University (San Francisco) from 2005-2011.  There he was instrumental in building a world-class post-production program for both BFA and MFA tracks. His production program influence and collaborative thesis approach helped garner that school’s first Student Academy Award in Animation since 2004. During his career Davis has worked on over 30 feature films including blockbusters like The Matrix series. As a member of the Industrial Light and Magic Model Shop for 10 years he worked on several features such as Star Wars Pearl Harbor Starship Troopers Galaxy Quest Terminator III and Mission Impossible III. In addition to his work in visual effects Davis has also worked in Disney’s art departments as a concept designer/model-maker and on several stop motion projects including The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. 32Ten Studios ,3173
Beauty Culture Selected for Tribeca Film Festival,2012-03-29,The Annenberg Space for Photography's exhibition documentary Beauty Culture has been selected as an entry in the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in New York. This is the first film festival at which content from the Annenberg Space for Photography will be screened. The 30-minute short film is part of the festival's documentary program named Triptych which focuses on art music and physical beauty.    The documentary directed by Lauren Greenfield was shown last year in the venue's sweeping unprecedented photographic exploration of how feminine beauty is defined challenged and revered in modern society. Greenfield's short features interviews with selected photographers and subjects included in the exhibition.   The film's subjects hail from the highest echelons of beauty and fashion in Los Angeles New York and Paris including: photographers such as Albert Watson Melvin Sokolsky and Tyen; fashion models Crystal Renn Carmen Dell'Orefice and Emme; and model agents Eileen Ford and Bethann Hardison.   Beauty Culture also weaves in stories of aspiring models a child pageant star a female body builder Los Angeles teenage girls and Cindy Margolis along with commentary by writer Alex Kuczynski  (Beauty Junkies) Harvard professor Nancy Etcoff (Survival of the Prettiest) and actor Jamie Lee Curtis.  Together they create a riveting exploration of the beauty culture we inhabit. Through hundreds of images the exhibit Beauty Culture celebrated photography while examining the issues the pictures provoke — such as the representation of beauty in popular culture the narrowing definition of beauty in contemporary society and the influence of technology on the female body image. More about the exhibit is here ,3174
Sixteen Brazilian Exhibitors Negotiating En Masse with Hollywood,2012-03-29,Sixteen Brazilian exhibition companies owning around 40 percent of all theatres in the country are teaming up to negotiate a mass transition to digital projectors together with Hollywood studios and distributors reported Folha newspaper. The move is a consequence of the new bill the Brazilian Senate passed last week which pushes for the modernization of film theaters across the country through tax exceptions and enables the Program Cinema Close to You a move to promote the building of film theaters in small towns with up to 100 000 inhabitants. Reformulated last September the original bill had been announced in 2010 by former President Lula da Silva and aimed to support the building of 600 film venues as a way to reduce concentration in large urban centers. Today half the country’s cinemas are located in state capitals. The official aim is to sign agreements with state and local governments to support the creation of government-owned theaters managed by private hands. Two different lines of credit will be enabled which together will distribute around R$800 million (US $440 million). Together with other initiatives by Cinema Close to You like credit and finance lines the new tax regime will contribute to an expanding number of Brazilian exhibition facilities and the digitalization of nearly 1850 cinemas across the country which now operate without the possibility of digital projection ” said Manoel Rangel president of the Brazilan Film Agency (ANCINE) on the institution’s website. Acoording to numbers by Filme B today there are 2 377 film theaters in Brazil out of which only 514 (21 percent) are digital. The program is a major push forward for replacing 35mm projectors with digital equipment which would drop their costs by 30 percent thanks to federal tax exceptions. Acquisition of equipment and materials for the creation or modernization of film theaters will be tax-free regardless if they go through the internal market or the import business. Faced with that agenda local exhibition companies are associating to negotiate the transition with Hollywood studios and distributors and expect to finance the process sharing costs through a virtual print fee mechanism combining it with State funds. VPF redistributes the savings realized by studios when distributing digital material instead of film prints. Once the new legislation receives the Presidential go-ahead around 1 000 theaters should be digitalized in the next two years. According to numbers by ANCINE Brazil is today the largest Latin American film market in terms of box office revenue with 143 million tickets sold in 2011 and a gross revenue of R$1 44 billion  (US $770 million) an industry record. Last year’s numbers for local films –almost R$ 18 million tickets and over R$163 million (US $90 million)– placed 2011 among the top 3 of the last 10 years in industry growth.