Louis Lumiere Installs a Marquise Rain Color Grading System

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Fri, 10/14/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The French film school Louis Lumiere has installed a Rain Marquise Technologies color grading system. The ever-changing technological environment and the new challenges the post-production industry is facing are reflected in the Masters course that ENS Louis Lumière is offering to students. The school was in the need of an up-to-date flexible and easy to grasp system to answer two purposes: first a platform for theoretical teaching able to easily demonstrate the fundamentals of color grading for both the cinema and the broadcast world and second a realistic tool the students can use for their production and research projects. The new technological and artistic challenges for film and post-production have led the school to strengthen its teachings concerning the color grading in HD and 2K as well as the workflows mastery including stereoscopy projects. For this very reason we are now equipped with a system that meets these requirements. The choice fell on
 Rain from Marquise Technologies a solution that includes technical efficiency and artistic capabilities at an affordable cost says Michel Coteret director of education at ENS Louis Lumière. Laurence Stoll CEO of Marquise Technologies says Louis Lumière wishes to provide its students with a rock-solid background that will allow them to embrace the challenges of this industry with ease. Film students do not longer face traditional workflows but are used to work with high-resolution digital cinema cameras mixed formats and of course they have a very high passion for digitally color corrected pictures. In this fast-moving and challenging environment Rain brings them the toolset and the horsepower they need. Thanks to its up-to-date backbone technology and its clear and easy to work user interface it is a perfect instrument for teaching color grading.